Happy New Year everyone! As you may have noticed, I’ve had a bit of a break from blogging over the festive period but I’m back now, ready to tackle 2016 head on.

In fact, I have a little announcement to make. Over the last 6 and a bit months I have been working on my very best creation yet – Sam and I are expecting a baby! We are very excited (and very under-prepared!) for our first little one to arrive in March.


This year is going to be full of changes, so I have decided that to make the most of it, we need to be organised. Just before Christmas I found out about a planning system called ‘Bullet Journaling‘. The idea is to note down all plans, goals and things to do in one notebook and take each day as a clean slate with a new list of tasks.

So, I’ve started 2016 with a fresh new journal and a fresh set of resolutions, ready to face the exciting months ahead!

bullet journal - new year's resolutions

If all else fails this year, my main resolution is to be a great mum. I can’t quite imagine what life will be like after March, but I’m looking forward to beginning maternity leave and spending time with our new baby.

bullet journal resolutions

With time off work, I’m hoping that I can also build up my art business some more – in between feeding, nappy changes and being exhausted!

bullet journal resolutions

My new journal is the first step towards being more organised and more productive. I often find myself wasting hours procrastinating – scrolling through Facebook, admiring art on instagram, poring over artists’ blogs – when really I could put the time to a more productive use.

bullet journal resolutions

I have to say, I think this is going to be the hardest of all. I’m guilty of spending far too much time on Facebook, and while it’s interesting to see what everyone is up to, most of the time, it’s just like reading through a cheap gossip magazine. Compelling reading but not adding anything to my day!

bullet journal resolutions

Doing some more illustration work is part of my plan to build up my art business. Having finished a big illustrated map for Le Boat, once the baby is born I should have time to take on some new projects.

bullet journal resolutions

My paper cutting templates in my Etsy shop Clare Willcocks Art sell quite well and I haven’t made any new ones for a while, so I’m keen to get cutting again.

bullet journal resolutions

At university I studied French, Spanish and Russian, but over the last few years I’ve let all of them lapse. I love languages, so I really want to make sure I find time to read, listen and speak them this year so that I keep them fresh in my mind.

bullet journal resolutions

Another resolution to combat procrastination! I really want to feel that I have spent my time wisely this year.

bullet journal resolutions

You might remember that this featured among my 2015 resolutions! I did, indeed, get my ears pierced again, and this year I’d like to add another set so that I can wear three studs each side.

bullet journal resolutions

This one has begun already! I have a terrible memory, but I’m sure there will be lots of lovely days that I’d like to remember this year so recording them in a journal seems the perfect way to preserve them forever.

bullet journal resolutions

I think this might be slightly difficult to achieve when the baby arrives, but my aim is to draw something, anything, each day. It could be a small 5 minute sketch or a day working on a commission, but the aim is to not let a day go by without doing something creative.

bullet journal resolutions

My final resolution is to stay happy! I’m very happy at the moment and I definitely don’t want that to change, so if one thing stays constant this year, I want it to be happiness!

A couple of days before New Year, I spend a few hours setting up my journal. I love stationery, neat writing and organisation, so I was completely in my element with this. Below is a year at a glance calendar, including those all-important bank holiday dates.

bullet journal year at a glance

These are my first entries for January. If I can, I’ll try to draw a sketch each day, but I’m not too fussed on keeping the format exactly the same. I want the system to be flexible enough that I can record more on interesting days and less when I haven’t done much.

bullet journal set up

And that brings me to the end of my first post for 2016! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and New Year with family and friends and are looking forward to what 2016 has in store.

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Wow – it’s as if I am reading my goals this year – other than the baby part. Congratulations to you both! How lovely.
I hope you do achieve all your goals this year – and what lovely writing you have too πŸ™‚

Firstly… BIG Congratulations
Secondly…. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t keep to any sort of schedule πŸ™‚
Thirdly… put your feet up!
Fourthly… Enjoy your journal
Fifthly….. put your feet up πŸ™‚
2016 is going to be a great adventure, enjoy every moment πŸ™‚ and don’t forget to put your feet up πŸ™‚

Yay! Congratulations to you and Sam!! You must be thrilled! Eek! I enjoyed rolling through the pics of your journal and goals for the new year. Here’s to an awesome, blessed year! xx

How exciting a baby in the house. It will change everything, but for the good. I miss having babies around, as all my children (4) and grandchildren(12) in either the adult or teenage stage of life.

Your journal will be so helpful with a new little one. Don’t be a slave to it, but let it guide you day by day. Being a mom will be the best title you’ve ever had. Congratulations to you and and Sam.

Parenthood is truly a life changing experience and a lot of work, but the rewards are immeasurable. I’ve never heard of Bullet Journaling, but I certainly loved you lettering. Congratulations on your baby to come and Happy Sunday Sketches! #12

Oooh Clare – huge CONGRATS to you both. πŸ™‚
I am loving the neatness of your journal πŸ˜€ I hope you can do loads of those things and manage to be a new MuM too πŸ˜€
Big hugz

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Such wonderful news!!! Do you know what sex??? Congratulations to you both.
I am having total journal envy!!! I’ve been thinking about the bullet journal for a while but never quite have to to sort it out xx

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