Just a quick one today as we’ve had a busy day today with a barbecue and are off to a wedding tomorrow – love bank holidays!

I haven’t got a lot to show this week and certainly nothing finished! To be honest, I’ve been a bit lazy after finishing a couple of commissions and it’s been nice to work on a few projects of my own.

I’ve started a new doodle, drawn everything out and am working on the fun bit of filling in all the details.

doodle artist

You can still see the pencil lines I’ve used as a guide.

doodle artist

In this photo I was in the process of going over the outlines of the individual elements to make the lines bolder.

doodle art

I’ve also been working on a realistic drawing of an interesting old tap this week. I’ve actually made more progress than this but haven’t got around to taking photos yet.

realistic pencil drawing

I’m not going to reveal exactly what I’ve got planned for the rest of this piece, just in case it doesn’t turn out quite right!

realistic pencil drawing

I had a bit of fun in the early stages by posting the following picture on my Facebook page and asking people to guess what they thought it was. Guesses ranged from duck-billed platypus to the underside of a big coat hanger!

realistic pencil drawing

That’s all for today! Back next week 🙂

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I absolutely love your doodles, I can imagine that everytime you go back and look you spot something new x that tap picture is amazing, its practically jumping out of the page, im intrigued what its for xx

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