Hello from Java! I didn’t get chance to post yesterday as we were travelling all day and now we’re here the internet is completely pants and uploading pictures is taking ages! I had lots of lovely photos of my sketches edited and ready to go but my plans have been foiled! So, for now, here are the last couple of days from my comic strip journal.

Yesterday was horrible, we spent most of the day on buses, squished in with people smoking, driving down really bumpy roads and with no air conditioning in the last bus. I’m not surprised I now have a cold!

18 Hours of non-stop puplic transport

Today has been a lot better. We reached Batu Karas where we’re going to be staying for the last couple of weeks of our 8 month adventure. It’s a small town with a good surfing beach, which Sam loves. The aim of these next two weeks for me is to chill out and get lots of drawing and crafting done!

Final destination – Batu Karas

I managed to upload one more photo, my Every Day in May contribution – the challenge today was, draw something sticky. I’m afraid mine isn’t very imaginative!

That’s all for now, over the next couple of weeks I’ll try to get online as much as possible to update my blog but it’s going to be difficult with the internet here!
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