Nice cuppa

Ok, so I’m armed with a cup of tea ready to tell you about our day!

Stampark Waterpark
An afternoon at Stampark Waterpark


The drawing process…

comic strip sketch 
We’re not having much luck with the public buses in Kuching! We found the Stampark swimming pool online and decided that, despite it being quite far away, we’d give it a go. So, we turned up at the bus station just after one bus had left and had to wait an hour for the next one. No worries, we thought, we’ll go and have lunch and come back. So there we were again, at the bus station by ten to two, nice and early, or so we thought. But no, apparently buses leave early here, so we missed it, again. Off we went to the taxi rank!

It was definitely worth the effort to get there though! There were two huge pools and a range of diving boards which kept Sam entertained.

Stampark waterpark
Sam attempting a one and a half turn dive

Me being decidedly lazy. That’s what diving boards are for, right?

Stampark waterpark
Sunbathing on the diving board

This is Sam’s expert video footage of the swimming pool and diving boards. (Not quite sure how to embed videos just yet so just follow the link 😀 )

And here he is testing out the equipment.

We were sitting at the bus stop outside the swimming pool when a guy drove up and asked us if we’d like a lift. Now, we know you can’t be too careful in these situations, but we weighed up our options – sit and sweat for ages waiting for a bus which we weren’t sure would come, or take the lift and risk winding up in the jungle somewhere being robbed at gunpoint. We chose the latter and luckily the guy turned out to be a very nice engineering student who drove out of his way to take us to the bus station. He also gave us a strange parting gift…

thank you cup
Thank you…for letting me pick you up and drive out of my way in rush hour traffic. His idea of sarcasm, perhaps?

This morning I spent ages looking at other people’s blogs and, thanks to talking to Mum last night on Skype, discovered the world of ‘linky parties’ which I’m excited to start taking part in from now on!

Here’re a few links to some interesting blogs I’ve started following:

My Mum’s lovely blog, have a look, you know you want to!

The host of the ‘linky party‘ I joined.

A great craft blog.

Some very pretty creations at Tea Rose Home.

And this one, Free Pretty Things.

And some found on Pinterest which have inspired me:

Nina Johansson, beautifully kept sketchbooks.

Andrea Joseph, interesting ballpoint pen drawings.

Some paintings by Pete Scully.

I’d like to get involved in some online art competitions, so if anyone’s got any suggestions, let me know!

Finally, here are some more of my sketches from the last couple of weeks.

This is the view from Transit Point bed & breakfast in Kuala Lumpur. This road stayed busy all night, with hundreds of people eating at little tables on the street. The second picture is Petronas Towers, probably the most famous landmark in Kuala Lumpur.

Transit Point
Kuala Lumpur

Sam took this picture at about 4 in the morning. There were still (or already?!) people selling and buying things on the pavement.

Jalan Sultan
Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur
I drew this 20 ringgit note in the airport in Kuala Lumpur and finished it off when we got to Kuching. They have really interesting designs on them but I liked this one the best. When we were on the island of Perhentian Kecil we went on a snorkelling trip and saw three of these beautiful sea turtles!
20 ringgit note

I drew this from a photo I took when the sky was really dark and stormy looking in Georgetown, Penang. It made the old building appear even more impressive in that light.

Love Lane, Georgetown
Love Lane, Georgetown, Penang

Sam and I had been feeling ill for a couple of days and I had just about got over it so decided to go for a walk to do some drawing. I sketched Georgetown Town Hall from the across the park – such an architecturally pleasing building.

With all these photos, videos and links this post has taken me a VERY long time to write! I’m going to have to get quicker at this!
I’d love to see your comments!


Just been to your sister’s for the weekend so am now catching up on your blog antics! Loving it all – very entertaining. But yes each post can take aaagees to write!! Worth it though, keep going 🙂

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