Little Munchkin is asleep, so I’m just grabbing five minutes with a cup of tea and my computer to update you all on what’s going on in my world!

We are slowly getting into a routine of feeding, sleeping and nappy changes and I’m managing to organise my time a little better to work on some art projects.

I am very pleased to have finished this paper cut which is now winging its way to the owner of Macy, the gorgeous Westie who is depicted playing among the leaves and flowers!

Westie paper cut heart

Westie paper cut heart

Westie paper cut heart

I am also working on another top secret paper cut which I  can’t post for fear of it being seen by the person it has been commissioned for. I can, however, post this little snippet!

paper cutting

Bees are one of my favourite critters to cut, so you may have noticed them turning up in a lot of my paper cuts. Speaking of bees, did you know that you can help save these busy little creatures by buying through the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust when you shop on Amazon (UK only). They’ll receive 8% of your total purchase at no extra cost to you.

Besides paper cutting, I’ve also been trying my hand at something a little different. My dad has a business called Sketchups and works from home making videoscribes for companies wanting explainer videos or adverts. He gets a lot of enquiries due to the originality of his work and the value for money he offers (I’m always telling him to charge more!). It’s possible that, in future, I could give him a helping hand, so at the moment I’m learning the ropes by creating a first videoscribe of my own. This is a little sketch from it – can you guess what it’s about?


This week I am planning to make a start on another page for my colouring book as it’s stalled somewhat since Munchkin was born! I’m also going to design a paper cut for our lounge, because despite the amount of time I spend paper cutting and making art, we only have a couple of my pieces on the wall!

I can hear the grunts of a waking baby, so I’ll have to leave this post here – hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

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