Phew! I’ve been a very busy girl today! So busy that it’s already 11pm and I’ve only just started writing this post!

Li Hua, Sibu
Relaxing in a nice hotel – bliss!

I really wanted to try my hand at writing a tutorial on drawing and painting with an ink pen. So I did this drawing and took photos every step of the way. Watch this space for the tutorial!

pen and ink
Painting using the ink on the page
pen and ink
The finished painting.
River View Hotel, Sibu
The room I was drawing.

This also got me thinking that it would be great to make an accompanying video tutorial, so I used the ‘every day in May‘ challenge as my example piece for the video. Today’s subject was ‘draw your favourite drink’. I drew a cup of tea, I didn’t have to think twice! I need to edit the video before I upload it, so again watch this space!

pen and ink
Tea is my favourite drink!

I had a lot of fun recording the video! I had to figure out a way to support the camera above my sketchbook, so wedged it between two tables and lay on the floor to paint, my arms around the table legs! Not the most comfortable position but the video came out great!

The camera balanced between the tables, a rather awkward painting position!


I also got around to finishing my entry for the Doodler’s Anonymous competition. If I could only take one thing with me in a backpack I would take a camera, because if everyone else was only taking one thing with them and they hadn’t thought to bring clothes, I think there would be some very funny photographs to be had of them trying to cover up with their one item!

pencil drawing
Camera drawn with a 2B pencil

We didn’t just spend all day sitting inside (although having moved to a nice hotel we could have done!). We went for a walk around the huge marked in Sibu which is full of vibrant fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and some other ‘foods’ which I certainly wouldn’t want to pass my lips!

Sibu Market
Sibu Market

Would you eat these? I know I couldn’t. They have such squidgy, wriggly bodies! Eww!

witchety grubs

This evening we had a delicious curry from the night market, followed by an equally delicious thick pancake stuffed with chunky peanut butter! Yum!

Sibu night market
Peanut butter pancake.

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Thank you for the back handed compliment Clare!!! 😀 I love the changes though, makes it easier to read now 🙂

Are you sure your curry didn’t include any of those juicy critters?

I love your drawings. Good luck with the competition. I’m looking forward to the tutorials, not that it will make much difference to my painting abilities!!

Thank you! You should definitely try it, it’s so handy when all you need is a bit of water to ‘paint’ with! Saves getting out all the painting bits and bobs when you’ve only got a little while.

Glad you like my blog Diana, I love the 10 Minute Warm Ups, I usually take so long over things, it’s nice to be forced into speeding up a bit!

Wow .. your artwork is amazing. You are very talented … and NO! I wouldn’t eat those bugs. The peanut butter pancake however, is a different story!

Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. 🙂

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

I love your drawings… and the video solution was ingenious… looking forward to seeing the video… and tea is a given as well… as for those worms… they kind of look like ones we have over here called witchety grubs… not something I eat that is for sure…xx

Beautiful sketches-I’m looking forward to seeing your vids!! And eeeewwwwe-no way you’d get me to try one of those larva thingies. I’d rather go hungry! Happy PPF!

Beautiful sketches, ingeneous way to solve the filming problem, must have been uncomfortable! Those grubs look like what we call Huhu grubs here in NZ, yummy, not!

Wow you are very prolific!! Wonderful sketches and ink drawings…loved them!! Yeah no grubs for me thanks…. Peanut butter pancake is more my speed!!

Hugs Giggles

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