Until I started looking through my photos from this week, I didn’t realise I’d have so much to share with you.ย So, without further ado, I’ll crack on else I may be here all night!

I’ve finished another page of my adult colouring book. It may have taken me all week in between other bits and bobs, but it’s another one down at least! This is a progress photo of me adding some more detail to the outlines.

adult colouring book

It’s really tempting to go over the top with the texturing and shading, but I’ve had to hold back as I don’t think people will appreciate having nothing to colour in! Below is a teaser for the finished page. If you haven’t already registered to receive my shiny new e-newsletter to keep up with it’s progress, you can sign up here. I’ll be putting the first one together at some point and there may even be a freebie colouring page to whet your whistles!

adult colouring book

adult colouring book

Last weekend we were in Walesย and we spent bank holiday Monday on the Gower. I sat at the top of the cliffs overlooking Worms Head and Llangennith beach while Sam went surfing. It was perfect weather for a spot of drawing! I intend to finish this drawing with watercolour…when I get around to it.

Drawing Llangennith, Gower

Here’s what I was drawing, just so you can compare the two. I love old weather-worn wood!

Worms Head, Worms Head

A couple of weeks ago I designed my sister’s wedding invitations and have just received one myself! My Mum and Dad printed them, cut them out and sent them all off.

Illustrated wedding invitations

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I LOVE illustrated maps, so I just had to include one! I painted it, scanned it and added text on top.

Ilustrated Map of Norwich

I really love the peachy colour and the texture of the watercolour paper. There’s something beautiful about the crisp edges of the paint against the stark white background.

To tie everything together, I painted a peach coloured rose to use for the borders and fronts of the RSVPs and menus etc. It was done on a small piece of scrap paper, scanned in and manipulated in a free program called inkscape.

Illustrated wedding invitations

My sister was pleased with them and I hope everyone liked receiving them!

Mum and Dad came up to visit today so we went for a lovely walk along the coast and a picnic at Speke’s Mill. Here are a few snaps from our walk. We were a little wary of walking past the cows, but they seemed more interested in some people with dogs than us!

Walk at Speke's Mill

The beach in the photos below is Westward Ho! which I took yesterday. The golden sand looked so inviting in the sun!

Walk at Speke's Mill

Dad brought Sam and I a little present! He made this pretty stain glass ornament engraved with our initials to hang in the window.

Engraved stained glass window

52 Faces

Finally, in my 52 faces this week it was the turn of Harrison Ford to be miniaturised! I’m disappointed with this one as I used a scrap of paper and only realised how poor quality it is when I came to rub the circle out that I’d drawn inside of. The paper literally disintegrates under the rubber!

Harrison Ford drawing

After a bit of a marathon blog post, that’s it for today! See you again next week ๐Ÿ™‚

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Goodness you have been busy! I don’t know how you manage to execute all the detail in your colouring pages so beautifully but the result is fab, i just know people will love colouring them in. You’ve made such a great job of the wedding invites too, i’m sure the guests will be amazed at what a lovely map they receive with their invites! ๐Ÿ™‚

I think it’s just patience and a steady hand! Thank you, I had fun doing the painting for the invitations!

Hi Clare
Just love what you do, you are a very talented lady.
Would you be able to do a drawing of a family from photos? If so could you give me an idea of cost.

Thank you

Regards Carol

You are clever designing the colouring book. Such a lot of detail will give lots of fun time. I like the drawing of the fence sometimes you can find inspiration in the simplest things.

I love your pictorial maps, they are so clever. Do let us know where and when your adult colouring books is available. Your pictures are such fun, I think colouring one in would be very relaxing.

Wonderful work again, Claire. I LOVE the wedding invitations. My hubby’s mother just moved away from Norwich. He spent a lot of time there after his family moved away from Earl’s Court. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your little colouring book pages are coming along quite well and am looking forward to seeing the final project. Keep at it girl – you’ve got a lot going on and loving all of your projects. xx

I want to get married all over again just so we can have invites like these, they are beautiful! Also loving Harrison, what a shame his paper is not better quality ๐Ÿ™

I also love pictorial maps. They feel more like treasure maps! Beautifully done for your sisters wedding invites!
Well done on Harrison Ford despite your paper woes. You always manage to capture the 52 faces so well!


your coloring pages are wonderful
such cute details and so many, it could satisfy a person for a long time with the coloring.

such wonderful photos too
and the wedding invites are beautiful
lovely map too

That page is adorable, and I love your watercolour map. And what beautiful places at the sea. I love cows, but I’m always glad when there’s a fence between us.

Your drawings are amazing, you’re so talented! I might need that colouring book, although I can imagine my 7 year old pinching it!

Thanks Anna! I haven’t had chance to do any more pages yet so I imagine your 7 year old might be an 8 year old before it’s finished!

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