…so the saying goes, and holidays are no exception! We arrived home at 3am this morning after a week in beautiful, sunny Praia da Luz in Portugal. True to good old English form, it rained as we drove home.

The tan is already fading and it’s back to work tomorrow; it’s beginning to feel like the last week was just a lovely dream!

We stayed with friends in an incredible villa on a hill overlooking the beach at Praia da Luz. I would definitely recommend James Villas, the villa was extremely clean, service was excellent and there was always someone on hand to help (if, like us, you’re silly enough to lock yourself out for example).

I painted this watercolour from the balcony. I wanted to capture the subtle colours of the terracotta rooves and cool white buildings against the backdrop of lush green trees and gorgeous blue sea.

Praia da Luz watercolour painting

Just to prove it did happen and it isn’t just a figment of my imagination, here I am, painting.

Praia da Luz watercolour painting

Here’s the painting and view for comparison. I tried to be accurate but used a little artistic license!

Praia da Luz watercolour painting

I didn’t quite get round to finishing this one, a painting of the contents of my suitcase.

watercolour journal page

I have to admit there were a few more clothes than pictured here!

This little drawing contains all our memories from our holiday. I thought it might look nice with a bit of colour and framed, but I expect I’ll get too caught up in new projects to finish this one!

pen and ink drawing

Today I finished sketching out a paper cut which I hope to start next weekend as I need to borrow my Mum and Dad’s scanner to transfer it to the cutting paper!

It’ll be the most intricate one I’ve done yet but I’m really excited about getting started.

paper cut design

I designed it for the Papercutting Workshop ‘transportation’ challenge on Facebook. The following photos show a bit more of the detail.

paper cut design

The pencil gives a bit of perspective to show how teeny it is!

paper cut design

I’ll leave you with a few more of my holiday snaps, hope you’ve all had a lovely week! Don’t forget you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter which I update in between blogs 🙂

PS. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in commissioning a paper cut; I’ve finished a couple for other people now and really enjoy them!

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Wow Clare amazing. Love the photos and paintings but really am amazed at the travel challenge thingy, can’t wait to see that finished. Glad you had a good break, lets hope you bring some nice weather back with you xxx

So glad you enjoyed your holiday and I love the little painting.
I must say your next papercuts are mindblowing and the transportation one is just soooooo darn complicated, it fries my braion just trying to imagine you cutting it. !!!! I shall watch with avid interest 😀

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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You have such patience, your paintings and other artwork are brilliant.
Well done, and glad you had a lovely holiday. A week really does go too fast.
Looking forward to seeing your papercut completed.
Sue xx

Such a beautiful painting, you have really captured the feel of a relaxing holiday.
Love the other pics and the photo’s, I love the reflections in the wine 🙂

Jan x

Hi Clare welcome back to this awful weather but if you are lucky it may be a bit sunny in between 🙁 I so love all your sketches and paintings from your holiday. I very rarely do this and I say to my self each year you will do it. I guess i often feel too warm to do anything. I can’t wait to see your new paper cuts. The link for the Paper Clay is underneath. I always use this one and if I need to do something delicate I build it up with the more professional paper clay

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