Phew, I’m exhausted! Not that we’ve really done much today. We spent the afternoon at Stampark waterpark again, making the most of the beautiful sunny weather!

Stampark waterpark
Another day at the pool

At the pool I did a very quick sketch on a piece of rough paper. I didn’t want to risk getting my sketch book wet!

Stampark waterpark
Quick sketch at Stampark waterpark
This evening I have been working on a few different projects.

I came across Diana Evans’ blog and really liked the idea of taking ten minutes out of the day to create something, so here’s my contribution! It’s meant to be Angelina Jolie, can you tell? 

Angelina Jolie drawing
Angelina Jolie quick sketch

I also felt like doing something other than drawing so I raided my Pinterest board of ‘things to remember‘ and settled on a folded bow decoration. There are excellent instructions for this here. I took some step by step photos, the only paper I had available was a leaflet, so it had to do.

paper bow
Start with a square

paper bow
Make some folds…

paper bow
Stretch it out a bit…

paper bow
Snip snip snip…

paper bow
Fold a bit more and voila!

I’m really pleased with the result! I think they’d look lovely at Christmas in greens, golds and reds to hang on the Christmas tree, or they’d make great decorations to brighten up a present!

This morning I came across a great doodling blog, Doodlers Anonymous, which is currently running a competition to draw ‘what you would take with you if you could only take one thing’, essentially, your ‘dessert island item’! There is only one rule, it has to be able to fit in a backpack. After puzzling over this all day, I finally decided I’d take a camera, to document the whole experience with pictures! I thought about a sketchbook, but that would be no good if I couldn’t take a pencil too! 
Here’s the first stages of my drawing. It’s still a work in progress as the deadline isn’t until 23rd May and I wanted my first entry to an online art competition to be good!

camera drawing
Quick sketch to place it on the page and get the dimensions right

camera drawing
Next the hard bit – shading

camera drawing
That’s where I’ve got to so far, watch this space!

I’ll leave you with a picture of one of the best parts of my day; jumping into a huge, completely empty swimming pool! 😀


oh I am so thrilled you joined in!!!! I love all of your sketches!!! they are gorgeous!!! and how lucky are you to have that pool all to yourselves!!! looks amazing!!! great action shot too!!!! Keep sketching and joining in with my 10 Minute Warm Ups!!!!

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