I am VERY excited to let you all know that….drumroll please….I have set up an Etsy shop! Finally I have had the time to gather some paintings together to sell and they are now up in all their glory here.

It has been beautiful weather all week, so at the weekend I popped down to the beach and collected some lovely round pebbles to turn into miniature works of art! All of these are featured on Etsy.

painting on stones
Little teddy bear
painting on stones
The three meerkateers
painting on stones
A little seagull snuck in too!
painting on stones
I love you

Over the last couple of days I’ve been working on some new cards to add to the shop. It’s been a veritable little production line! I’m sharing this for What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

I drew out all of the designs first on watercolor paper. Firstly in pencil, then in fine line waterproof pen.

watercolour cards

Painting is by far the most time consuming stage, there are some very teeny weeny details to paint with a very fine brush!

watercolour cards

watercolour cards

I then cut out the picture squares with a craft knife. Here are the finished paintings.

watercolour cards

watercolour cards

watercolour cards

So far I have only completed one card which I needed for this weekend! Eventually they will all end up mounted like this.

watercolour cards

I’ve had another go at sketchnoting which I talked about in my last post here. This time I decided to make notes on a talk called ‘How to make stress your friend’ by psychologist Kelly McGonigal from the fantastic website TED. If you get the chance to watch it, it’s a very interesting talk. Here’s the sketchnote I took from it.

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All images in this post are Β©Clare Willcocks


Aha !!! There you are πŸ™‚ I thought you had been a bit quiet lately πŸ˜€
I adore the little pebble paintings and the seagull squares are FABULOUS. They make such a lovely card and all so very jolly πŸ˜€
I wish you every success with your Etsy Shop and I’m about to rush over there now…. byeeeeeeeee !

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is my first visit to your blog and I’m very glad I stopped by-your work is gorgeous! I love those little illustrations and your people paintings are so cute (and very detailed fr such a small size!) good luck with your Etsy shop.

Congrats on setting up an etsyshop! Your little paintings for the cards look so sweet, and that’s another great sketchnote! I shared your inspiration one on my blog this week!

hi Clare,
your etsy shop looks wonderful!
the cards you are making look so clean and professional, plus charming.

thank you for sharing the link to this talk, interesting indeed. I am not sure if legally you can take someone’s talk/work and sketch it out on a greeting card or print and sell it, but your notes of this sketch sure would make a great greeting card or poster!! are you thinking of doing things like that for your shop too?

thank you for stopping by. wishing you success!

Good luck with your etsy shop, I love your little painted pebbles, and the designs you’ve painted for cards. You’re very clever to be able to work sch details in things that are quite small.

Well done on opening your Etsy shop! I absolutely adore your mini paintings – I love everything beachy, so these are my favourites, but I also love your painted pebbles.

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