It has been six months since our little Munchkin was born! Six months! That’s longer than the lifespan of a dragonfly (apparently – I just Googled it)! While it does feel like it was only yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital, at the same time it feels like we’ve had him forever.

Anyway, yesterday I came to the shocking realisation that in those six months I haven’t done a single drawing of him. Not one. It was time to put things right. I’m a big fan of drawing with ballpoint pen and after a quick Pinterest trawl to get the creative juices flowing, I put pen to paper and produced this little sketch.

ballpoint pen biro drawing

Just in case you were wondering, my son doesn’t have a little mohican, that’s just part of my dress!

ballpoint pen biro drawing

I was going to add a few white coloured pencil highlights, but I risked ruining it, so in the words of a video I watched yesterday, it’s ‘finished, not perfect’!

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