Before I get on to the reason for this title, I’ll just bring you up to date with my productive week. Productive not so much on the artistic front, but DIY! We’ve been tiling our bathroom this weekend which is a first for both of us. There has been a lot of trial and error, particularly trying to nail into a concrete wall, but the less we say about that, the better!

Anyway, after practically a whole weekend of working hard, we now have two tiled walls and boxing around the pipes. Here’s the before photo…

bathroom before tiling

And here’s the after. It may not look like much, but for us it’s an achievement!

bathroom after tiling

Those pesky little mosaic tiles in the border were the hardest part, they kept smushing everywhere and going all higgledy piggledy. The spacers we were using were too large for the gaps, so we ended up improvising by wedging nails between them to get them to align properly.

It’s probably not a finish that a professional would be proud of, but it saved us a lot of money and with all the tile adhesive we used, those tiles aren’t going anywhere! Next job – grouting!

Besides the bathroom, I’ve also been working on a couple of pages for my adult colouring book. The insect one I started last week is now all inked up, and I’ve got another genie’s lamp doodle on the go too.

insect adult colouring page

insect adult colouring page

genie lamp adult colouring page

I’m off to crack on with this one now, I’ll hopefully have it finished for next week! One of these days I’m also going to get around to sending a newsletter about my adult colouring book (I promise!), so if you haven’t already signed up, you can do so here!

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I think you did a great job of the tiling, and it’s very brave of you to do the little mosaic tiles, we have a similar pattern in blue but I think they were all on one tile width strips if they make sense – so it only looks like mosaic. I’m so looking forward to your adult colouring book and it’s great to get these little previews.

Your tiling looks fantastic!!! I can understand why your so pleased.
Really love the bugs! Your colouring book looks to be coming along well!! Xx

I do enjoy tiling, well did when younger but had a tiler do our kitchen and bathrooms this time around. You are brave and agree saves you pounds. Love the little lamp, so cute

Great job with the tiling! yeah, grouting will be “fun”… Just make sure you use the proper stuff. And/or whatever anti-fungal/mold sealants! – TALK to your hardware people!

You seriously need to find a Publisher for your Colouring Books! — I was in an art supply store here [Canada] the other day and they had stacks of different ones on display… I flipped through a few and they weren’t anywhere near as intricate or interesting as YOURS!!

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