Anyone would think I were an architect, the amount of buildings I’ve been drawing this week! I’ve made a really good start on the Canal du Midi illustrated map, moving from West to East along the river and drawing out all the attractions as I go.

illustrated map canal du midi

The next job will be to add in all the extra details such as trees, people, cyclists, vineyards etc. which will bring it alive.

illustrated map canal du midi

This is my least favourite part of the whole process as the drawings look messy and unclear until they’re inked and a lot of rubbing out and head scratching is involved to fit everything in! It’s also really hard to take a good photo of the drawing.

illustrated map canal du midi

Above is one of my favourite little bits so far – a canoeist and stand up paddle boarder on the River Aude near Puichéric.

I thought you might like to see where I’ve been working on the map in our new house. Well, I sit here at my drawing board next to the window and my messy art shelves! The map is in two sections and they don’t quite fit on the drawing board, so I keep having to shuffle them along and be very careful not to crease it along the edges.

drawing board

As if that weren’t enough buildings to draw, I’ve also finished this colouring page for my adult colouring book. I’m so pleased with it and think I’ll frame it for our wall once it’s been scanned for the book.

adult colouring book page

If you are looking for some interesting pages to colour, I have a couple in my Etsy shop. I’d love to see how you use them!

Having been stuck inside for hours working on the map, it was nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine today near Braunton. There were lots of sheep wandering around by the tidal river, it was quite funny to see them relaxing in the shade of a boat!

sheep Braunton

We were wondering whether to stop for a cream tea somewhere, but decided to go home and bake some biscuits to eat in the garden instead. Here are my oaty creations!

oat biscuits

52 Faces

Finally, for my 52 Faces project and sticking with the baking theme, here’s Paul Hollywood! If you’ve been following the Great British Bake Off (along with 9.3 million other Brits apparently!), you’ll know this harsh critic well!

paul hollywood miniature portrait

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog peeps, keep them coming, I love reading them and always try to reply!

That’s all for today, hope you’ve all had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

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To me your art is really breathtaking! I adore your skills so much! It’s wonderful how you create all this artwork including the delicious looking cookies and the lovely photographs of your neighbourhood sheeps!

oh plu-leeze! I *WISH* MY “mess” was as CLEAN and SPACIOUS as yours!! – BTW, I like that little basket up on the shelf… 😀
And LOVE the Sheepy Boat pic! Would make a great painting! – [if only I had WALL space!]

That buildings drawing will look stunning framed and on the wall – do it!
I’m loving Bake off (Sandy was my favourite until she left now it’s probably Alvin although I fear his time in the tent is limited, and I kind of love Nadiya too!) Your Paul is spot on as usual, will you have a go at a Mary too?

Oh, I love the maps and the coloring page with the houses! I love me some little house drawings! 🙂 Your maps want me to come explore. I can’t wait to see these progress!

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