After a hectic couple of weeks, this weekend I’ve finally had time to work on my Canal du Midi map commission for Le Boat.

I’ve drawn out the course of the river to scale and plotted all of the attractions along it ready to run past the peeps at Le Boat. I’ve also mocked up a small section to check the style is what they’re after.

Illustrated map of the Canal du Midi

To distinguish it from the Thames map I illustrated, this one will have a French feel which I’ve aimed to capture in the colours and little illustrations used.

Illustrated map of the Canal du Midi

The map will also incorporate several magnified sections to highlight particularly attractive features such as the Fonserannes Lock, a staircase of 7 locks, pictured below.

Illustrated map of the Canal du Midi

Painting a small section like this helps me and the client to fine tune the design. For example, the magnified section doesn’t stand out particularly well so I know I’ll have to take a slightly different approach on the final piece. I’m also not too keen on the style of the trees, I prefer the smooth ovals I used for the Thames map so may revert to that.

One thing I really like about this one though is the blending of colours. The sandy colour blends really well into the green around the towns and gives the dry, Mediterranean feel I was looking for.

In other news, I was really happy to find out this week that my Thames map has been made into an interactive guide. You can zoom in and see all the little details of my painting with information alongside which really brings the river to life.

52 Faces

I’ve been a bit lazy again this week and chosen a face which is very easy to draw! I’m not keen on Mr Bean, but there’s no denying that Rowan Atkinson has a very distinctive face!

Portrait of Rowan Atkinson

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Cool, cool and super cool 🙂 I just LUV that little map. You are one talented chick Clare 😀 One day soon yous will be famous !!! 😀

Great Mr Bean xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am in love with your maps! Truly. Every time I see them they make me want to hop on board and give my hand at creating some maps. Maybe next year when I’ve not so much on my plate. WAY too much right now and starting to get a bit frantic. lol Always enjoy seeing what you’re up to. Hope you’re having a lovely week! 🙂

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