Firstly I want to apologise for the quality of photos in this post! I’m finding it really hard with the weather at the moment to take clear shots – a new camera is on the cards so hopefully that’ll be sorted soon!

This week I’ve been working on a couple of projects. Below is a sketch for a fun new collaboration which will hopefully turn into a commission. I’m not going to give too much away, but if all works out I’ll be doing a few more in this style.

illustration sketch

I’m planning to paint the finished illustration in watercolours, so the drawing will need to be transferred to watercolour paper.

illustration commission sketch

I’ve enjoyed starting a paper cut commission too as it’s been a while since I’ve done one. This is a paper cut heart for a customer’s mum, featuring lots of little details which are special to her.

paper cut heart design

Next on my purchase list is a printer because I scan in the first sketch, flip it and print it on nice paper ready for cutting. This saves rubbing out on the quality paper and damaging it.

paper cut heart

I’ve also been keeping up with entries in my new diary using the Bullet Journal system (check out Kara from Boho Berry, she’s awesome!). It has been very useful so far and I can see my productivity improving. Hopefully it’ll help me to manage my time this year and take on lots of commissions and projects while on maternity leave.

bullet journal

bullet journal

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I love your drawings and look forward to hearing more about the project. Your journal is so neat and orderly – it’s almost art in itself!
Happy SS

I love your drawings!! how fun to be doing this picture with so much meaning in it for the client.. Interesting how you scan then place it on the paper to print… Hope you find the perfect printer for you!!
Have a great new week,

Your drawing is beautiful, Clare. Little Bo Peep does not look impressed to have lost her sheep. hehe

I LOVE the bullet journal system! I used it last year and, I agree, it’s keep me on task and I’ve noticed I’ve been more productive since using it. Your pages look so neat!

Happy SS!

Wow, loving the super organiser planner system you have going, and brave to share with us considering it has “change the bed” on there!
I also love that papercut tip about scanning and printing on the wrong side, I’m So going to try that next time I try a papercut (mine are no where near as detailed as yours but I love the magic of them so I keep on trying!)

Ohhhh…your secret project means me of the Kids Hope USA proejct I did last year. Fun and can’t wait to hear more about this lovely piece. I’m enjoying your planner pages/doodles. I’ve started my planner and hope to start doodling something each day, no matter what. Just haven’t been able to get to that point yet. But, at least I’m utilizing one this year to keep up with my book projects and commissions.

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