I’ve left it a bit late to submit my contribution for Creative Tuesdays, mainly because I was planning to rework it, but never got around to it! The theme this week is ‘Alphabet’, so here it is, some of you will have seen it already, my 3D ABC. It’s drawn on a flat piece of paper in black ink with a zentangle background.

This is what it looks like when viewed from an angle (hopefully 3D?!).

3d lettering
From straight on it looks a lot different!

3d lettering
Hope you like it, looking forward to looking around everybody else’s submissions!


Clare, So glad you joined us again. WOW! This is absolutely crazy amazing! Never even heard of 3d flat art like this before. I suppose, actually, that;s how those chalk artists to do it but how on earth does one know how to draw such up close as you;re working on it? I love this. BRrilliant. thank you so much for doing this. Those patterns are fun too.

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