As schools have broken up for Easter now, it seems like a good time to begin getting stuck into a few Easter crafts. A while ago I blew out some eggs, leaving the shells to decorate. This little bunny was inspired by a sheep I saw on Pinterest. It’s so simple to do so it makes a great Easter craft for children. The hardest part is blowing the egg out – it takes a lot of puff! There’s a printable worksheet here if you’d like to try it yourself.

I like him because he stands up on his own. He’s now taken pride of place on my desk at work.

Here’s the little sheep that inspired me, the Pinterest link takes you to this webpage, but I’m not sure who to credit the design or photo to.

Easter eggs decoration idea
I think I’ll attempt something a little more elaborate with the remaining eggs – I’d like to try cutting sections out but I’m not sure how easy that will be. Does anyone have some other Easter egg decorating ideas they could recommend?

It was Sam’s birthday in the week so we went out for meal to East the Water, West the Orient, an oriental restaurant just down the road. It serves a variety of different style food – Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai – and everything we tried was delicious. I ended up taking some home in a doggy bag which made a very yummy lunch the next day!

I baked Sam a birthday cake, but as you can see, cake decorating is not my strong point.

Luckily the taste was its redeeming feature!

I spent Saturday with my Mum at Trago Mills. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s a huge shop selling everything you could possibly need and a lot more. They’ve got a well-stocked haberdashery section where Mum helped me pick out some fabric to sew some more bags.

After a lot of deliberation and several laps of the fabric aisles, we settled on these.

The spotty fabric is to be lined with the red cotton and I’ll applique the canvas on the right and line it with the dainty little hearts.

I can’t wait to get started, but before I do, I’m trying out a few more bag designs in some left over fabric I already had. The pieces are all cut out ready to go and I’ve begun cutting out fabric scraps for the applique.

I’m using the free ‘Phoebe’ bag pattern by Rebeka Lambert. I just love the curved top and fastening, and the neat look of the finished bag.

Mum and I visited my auntie yesterday who makes beautiful fabric pieces, from bags and brooches to wall hangings and textured quilts. Any visit to her house always leaves me feeling very inspired, even more so when I walk out with a huge stash of scraps that she’s given me! Her website, Lime Green Lizzie, showcases some of her work, but photos on the screen really don’t do it justice.

Yesterday she showed us some beautiful stitched flower brooches she made which have provided the inspiration for the appliqué for this latest bag. Fingers crossed mine turn out as well as my auntie’s!

I’ll leave you with this biro sketch I’ve been working on. It’s been a while since I’ve done some drawing, but this has reminded me how relaxing it is.

I chose buttons as my subject matter as I just love them! I’ll have to start scouring charity shops to build up a stash as I don’t own any at the moment and it would be great to have a good variety to dip into when embellishing projects.

This was drawn using an ordinary black biro and gently hatching to build up layers of depth.

Perhaps I’ll finish it, perhaps not.

Today I’m linking up on the following blogs: Handmade Harbour, Lamb Around, Manon Popje’s Illustrations, Tatertots and Jello and Be Different Act Normal.


OMGoodness – I just adore that little sheep and your rabbit. 🙂 Fab little creations. Your picture of buttons is amazing… I hate buttons with a vengeance. I remember my Mum and Grandma used to have jars/tins of buttons and I could even stand the smell of ’em. !!!
Your Auntie makes amazing things – the fabric boxes are AWESOME !
Great cake…. at least you made one and I am sure it tasted delicious. 🙂
Hope you are well.
IKE xxxxxxxxxx

A very cute little bunny, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for cute little Easter projects I can make with my monkey, I can see a few egg bunnies making an appearance soon.

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