The weeks are going by in a blur! I’ve got three more weeks until I finish for maternity leave – it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago that it was Christmas!

The girls at work organised me a lovely lunchtime baby shower with a delicious afternoon tea on Thursday. It’s hard to believe that our new arrival will soon be here!

I’ve not got much to share in the way of art because we have spent most of the week and weekend decorating the lounge and doing odd jobs ready for the lounge and bedroom carpets to be fitted tomorrow. Sam and I will both be very relieved when the decorating is finally finished, I can’t remember what it’s like to live in a tidy house.

I have squeezed in working on this paper cut for a good blogging friend to give as a present. Strangely, Westie dogs and the name ‘Ginny’ have featured in my last two commissions!

paper cut heart commission

I always like to see photos of artists work spaces, so here’s what my cutting board looked like today!

paper cut heart commission

Remember at the beginning of the year I told you about how I’d started using a journal system called ‘Bullet Journaling’? Well, I’ve been keeping it up religiously and I’m really pleased with how my journal pages are filling up. It’s helping me be more productive and motivates me to finish jobs just so I can tick them off my to-do list!

Here’s an example page. I’ve started including a weekly plan so that I have a list of things to do for the week which I can refer to and decided which to add to my to-do list each day.

bullet journaling dailies

I love incorporating doodles into my daily pages as it helps me remember things in a more visual way.

Do any of you use a journal or diary in a similar way?

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The westie is so sweet, love your paper cuts.

I use journals and have them going back about 20+ years for my creative work. Filled with photos, cuttings, notes and more. Love to look back through them as they contain things I would like to make but doubt will ever get around to doing.

How funny that my name has come up twice. I always think it is not a very common name at all in the UK. At least I never meet any Ginnys.

I am worried about how much you have in your planning journal (which I really like by the way). I can remember planning to do all sorts of things in the month I had allowed before my first one, and then just being too tired even to walk into town. Remember to put your feet up too. Perhaps you could draw a doodle of that too!

It looks beautiful, don’t be too hard on yourself if you find your journal slips out of your mind for a while once the baby is here – they take up so much time (and are delightful too) but it’s worth every second.

That pink looks so pretty as a backdrop behind the paper-cut. Beautiful work!

I love my bullet journal! I started using the bullet journal concept last year after hearing about it through a friend. Prior to that, I was terrible for starting a daily planner with good intentions but fizzling out by mid-year. The bullet journal is the only type of journal/planner that has kept me on track with daily planning. Your bullet journal looks so neat! I love the doodles! I have only just started adding doodles into my journal after being inspired by others I’ve seen online. 🙂

Thanks Serena! Yay, a fellow bullet journaler! I have found it so useful too – it keeps me motivated and feeling like I’ve accomplished something at the end of the day. I love the flexibility of it too. I’ve just started following you on Bloglovin so that I can keep up with your artwork (and maybe see a sneaky peek at your doodles)! x

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