Those of you who follow my facebook page will have already seen this, so I apologise if it’s old news! I’m very excited that my first proper paper cut template is now available to download from my Etsy shop. The design is based on a paper cut I did a while ago.

It’s been a bit of a learning curve as I normally hand draw all of my templates, which is fine for when I’m cutting them myself, but to expect someone else to follow my wonky lines and rubbings out is a bit too much to ask! So I’ve spent a bit of time a lot of time getting to know a free program called Inkscape which you can download here if you’ve got the next three days to spend getting to grips with it! Seriously though, it’s very good because you can make vector images which is great because they can be scaled up and down with no loss of quality.

Anyway, enough about the design process, this is the paper cut which you can make from the template which can be downloaded from my shop.

paper cut template

For those of you who would like to give it a go, I thought I’d include a few tips in this blog post.

  • When cutting, start from the middle and work outwards; that way you’re not weakening the paper around the edge before you’ve cut the middle. Cutting around the edge of the whole design should be the last thing you do. You can also leave it with a solid border if you like, depending on how you plan to frame it.
  • Use the same rule for cutting each individual element, for example, cut the windows out of the bus before cutting the outline.
  • When cutting the circles I find it easiest to cut half, then turn the paper to cut the other half. I’m better at cutting curves around to the right (if that makes sense) so just find out what works best for you. 
  • For fiddly bits like the countries of the world, use the tip of your finger to hold the paper firm, but be careful not to slip and chop it off!
  • Finally, just take it slowly, make sure your blade is nice and sharp and don’t press too firmly. Your movements should be steady but not stiff, else you’ll end up with straight lines where you want curves!

I hope that helps, I’ve love to see how you get on if you give it a go!

paper cut template

Just a short post today as I will be back tomorrow to take part in the Blogland Tour which is a great way to discover new blogs.

I’ll leave you with these few photos taken on our bike ride along the Tarka Trail today.

Tarka Trail near Instow, North Devon

Tarka Trail between Instow and Bideford, North Devon

Tarka Trail, near Bideford, North Devon

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Oooh i loved this papercut when i first saw it on your blog, what a great idea to make a template so others can have a go.

Thank you for the link to the vector programme, i will download it i think as it seems like it could come in useful! x

Thanks for the tips. I may give it a go, but am not sure I have the eye sight or a steady enough hand. I love your photo of the Tarka Trail, as we cycled there in August on our summer holiday. Unfortunately there were no lights in the tunnel, and it was a bit scary. We loved our cycle there, and it has inspired me to get back on my bike and cycle to work.

AWESOME !!! This is mind-blowingly stunning Clare !! 😀 I freak at the amount of circles on this one though !
Super photos – looks a bit grey down there ?


Wow, Clare, this is incredible – so much intricate detail! I couldn’t even begin to imagine drawing this far less cutting out all those little holes – you should consider a career as a surgeon with such steady scalpel wielding hands!

Your design is lovely and I guess you’d have to have patience to the fiddly bits – of which I have none. Your tips are really good too and make perfect sense when cutting to the right

Wow Clare you are torally amazing and I must gives this a go again, well when work has slowed down a bit! I have inkscape but have never used it yet. I wished I had more time in a day 🙂 See you soon ManonX

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