I feel like I’ve accomplished quite a lot this week, but because I’m still working on a portrait commission I can’t share it with you yet.

I’ve done a bit more to this doodle, but it’s still a long way from being finished.

Fish doodle art by Clare Willcocks

I’m not sure what detail to add to the fish yet, so it’s just sitting on my shelf in a pile of unfinished drawings!

Fish doodle art by Clare Willcocks

This weekend we went to Lynton and Lynmouth to meet some friends and their gorgeous little six-month old baby. We’ve been meaning to go there for a while, but just waiting for a good excuse!


Despite the sunshine, it was really windy and cold, so our initial idea of going for a walk and a picnic soon went out the window! We stopped for an hour or so in a lovely little café and enjoyed the sun through the window instead. The café is on the very left hand side of the photo below.


We ate our picnic in the car up above Porlock beach, just around the cliffs. There had been a car rally on earlier and we were hoping to see some of the action but it seemed everyone had packed up and gone. The Exmoor ponies and a man flying a remote controlled glider provided some entertainment while we ate though!


On the way back home, Sam and I stopped at Combe Martin for a little walk on the beach. It was a bit warmer there as it is a sheltered cove.

Combe Martin

Not wanting to waste a minute of the sunshine, we went down to Westward Ho! in the evening to watch the sunset.

Sunset at Westward Ho

52 Faces

This week’s miniature portrait was a bit of a challenge to say the least! I began drawing Verity Poldark (Ruby Bentall) thinking that she would be a really easy subject. A couple of hours later I had a coloured pencil drawing of someone who looked nothing like her. Not wanting to be defeated, I started again, this time just in pencil, but I’m still not sure if I’ve captured her quite right.

Ruby Bentall, Verity Poldark

I think her nose needed to be a little bit longer and her mouth isn’t quite right.

Ruby Bentall, Verity Poldark portrait

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week, see you back here next Sunday!

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Wow … your miniature portraits are amazing! And the fish doodle is coming along fantastically. glad to have discovered your art work:) visiting from sunday sketches.

I love your doodles, and your photos always make me want to head west. We went to Lynmouth a few years ago. Despite my fear of heights we did the lift.

Yay, glad you knew who it was! Think I’d been staring at it too much and it had started to not look like her!

You have captured Verity so well, loving Poldark and think better than the original.

Your pictures take me back to happy childhood memories of holidaying in Devon and Cornwall, thank you

Clare, loving your work. Your intended walk sounded much like ours a few days ago. It looked so beautiful and was incredibly sunny but oh so windy and chilly! Just like your gorgeous photos, we were able to catch a few as well. LOVE seeing the view from where you live. 🙂

Your fish doodle is so intricate I could waste a whole morning just looking at the details. It is beautiful. The miniature portrait of Verity is spot on and makes me want the next episode to hurry up!

Thanks Vicky! It’s quite nice to sit down and write my blog on a Sunday to remember everything I’ve done during the week!

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