This is really yesterday’s post, but we flew back to Kuala Lumpur last night and didn’t arrive until 1am so I saved it for this morning! It did mean that I had lots of time ‘sitting around’ to be able to do a few sketches.

I am having a ‘YES’ moment right now as Sam helped me to make my picture files smaller so that they upload faster. I was waiting ten minutes or so for each set before, now they’ve just uploaded in the blink of an eye!

Sibu to Kuala Lumpur
Last day in Borneo

I really enjoyed climbing the pagoda! We were disappointed at first as we went up to the first floor and the gate to the rest of the floors was padlocked. When we went back down though, admitting defeat, a lady came up to us and gave us the key! Here’re some pics.

Sibu temple
Dragon at the entrance

 The lanterns hanging everywhere were beautiful.

Sibu temple
 This very ornate display was on the first floor as you walk in.

Sibu Temple
 The view from the top, more lanterns! 

Sibu temple
The Rejang river is huge! This is 8 hours up river from the sea by boat, I wonder when it reaches the size of a stream? 

Rejang river

The challenge yesterday on Every Day in May was to draw ‘the last thing you bought’. We had just walked back from the temple and were very hot (and sweaty), so the last thing I bought was a big bottle of cold water!

every day in may
The last thing I bought

I thought it would be the ideal time to do my 10 minute warm up in the airport while waiting to go through to the departure lounge. These couple of unsuspecting people became my subjects!

This girl did get up and leave, maybe she felt she was being stared at!

I always try not to make it obvious I’m looking at the person I’m drawing (mostly because it would freak me out a bit if someone was staring so intently at me). This results in a lot of glancing around, pretending I’m looking at someone else when they look up! Fortunately this man was too engrossed in his phone to pay me any attention 🙂

Then, on the plane, there was time for even more drawing! Another zentangle – I find them so relaxing to do! This one’s a bit more detailed than the last because the plane ride was a bit smoother than the boat!
I also had chance to catch up on my journal which I’ve been neglecting ever since I started this blog!
Finally, I’d like to share with you some blogs that I perused in one of the many moments of waiting around we had today.
Illustration Friday offers a weekly creative challenge – this week the topic is ‘liquid’. It’s really worth a look if only to see other people’s entries. In fact, this is the second challenge I need to start thinking about. The topic of the first is ‘maritime’ over at Le Challenge. Any ideas for either would be appreciated!
There are some great link up parties to be found at Skip to my Lou, Craft-O-Maniac and Sumo’s Sweet Stuff.

I love Beesy Bee Fiber for all the yummy photos of yarn.

Creative Thursday is full of pretty things.

That’s all for this morning. I’ll leave you with this photo of sunset over the river in Sibu.



Love love love your sketches!! You are very talented! Sorry my linkup isn’t going on that you stopped by for. I’m thinking about doing another one in June called Stu-stu-Studio. I will let you know once it’s going on!! Your journal sketches are so fun! I got half way through the doodle a day in April challenge an couldn’t keep up. Hard create AND blog every day, isn’t it? Just not enough time in the day!!

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