This is going to have to be a very quick post today as the hotel we are staying in doesn’t have internet so we’re sitting in a bakery using theirs! (I could think of worse places to blog from!)

We had a bit of a disappointing start to the day today. We visited a longhouse which are traditional communal houses in Malaysia and can accommodate hundreds of residents. Bet you can guess why they’re called longhouses! Anyway, there are some that tourists can visit, usually at a price. We weren’t expecting to pay quite so much though for a visit, which was somewhat hurried due to the fact we felt so unwelcome! We were doing our best to smile at people and be respectful, but nobody smiled back, in fact one woman actually spat at Sam. Needless to say, we didn’t hang around!

Longhouses, Pagodas and Haircuts

Despite the bad experience, I could appreciate the architecture of the longhouse which is made entirely from wood, weathered over the years giving it a soft, rustic appearance.

There is a long, inside communal area, rather like a huge porch. 

Kapit longhouse
Communal area inside.

And there’s a walkway along the whole length outside which is used to dry food such as peppercorns and leaves.

Kapit Longhouse
Sam outside the longhouse

peppercorns drying
Peppercorns drying

The rest of the day was a lot better though, we enjoyed walking around Sibu. There’s not much here, but the pagoda on the waterfront is very striking with its vibrant colours. I can feel a sketch coming on!

Pagoda, Sibu
Pagoda, Sibu

Pagoda, Sibu
Pagoda, Sibu

On the boat I decided to do my ‘10 minute warm up‘. Here’s the result, a Zentangle illuminated letter (which took a touch longer than 10 minutes, I must admit!).


I also wanted to contribute to ‘every day in May’ from Wendy Shortland’s blog, so here’s my ‘something which belongs to someone else‘. I’ve also uploaded it to Flickr.

So, that’s about it today! Bye 🙂


wonderful to see your sketches, you have a beautiful and clean style. sad about the longhouse experience! darn and drat. wishing that the rest of your time there feels better to you!

Your illustrations are gorgeous. I just love your journal page, and the Zentangle letter. Shame about the longhouse! Welcome to Handmade Monday x

I am so glad that you added the bit about your illustration taking longer than 10 minutes – I was a bit worried for a bit (not that I could do it in 10 hours or days). It is stunning. Shame about your experience at the long house.

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