For two days here in Batu Karas, Java, there has been NO INTERNET! What a disaster! So I’m writing this over breakfast in a little cafe by the beach and I’ve got lots to update you on! First thing’s first, my comic strip journal for the past two days.

surfing in Batu Karas
Sun, sea and surf in Batu Karas 

The little cafe here, Popeye Resto, serves the BEST food. Everything we’ve ordered has been fantastic which is just as well as eating is one of our main activities!

batu karas
Popeye Resto, Batu Karas

Yesterday I was on my own for a lot of the day as Sam was surfing, so I had got a lot of reading and drawing done – my idea of a perfect day!

surfing in Batu Karas
Another typical day at the beach
You may remember this photo from my last post? Well, I really liked the way the surfboards were all stacked together under the trees so I decided to draw it.

surfing in Batu Karas
Surf Boards – Batu Karas Beach

First I started with the outline…

surfing in Batu Karas
 Then I added the shading with hatching. I was going to paint it but I quite like it as it is.

surfing in Batu Karas
Here are a few pics from the beach.
Batu Karas beach
Batu Karas beach.

Sam would argue that this wave is too small, but I thought it made for a nice photo!

Batu Karas beach
Waves in Batu Karas

I noticed this bicycle just asking to be in an arty photo of the beach.

Batu Karas beach
Bike in Batu Karas

We took this photo on the beach and as it’s rare that we both look normal (well relatively) at the same time in photos, I decided it would be a perfect one to draw.

Batu Karas beach
I started yesterday but have a way to go yet…
Beginnings of my sketch

We saw quite a bit of wildlife yesterday! A praying mantis was definitely the highlight, followed closely by a hermit crab we pestered on the beach and a big dragonfly. There was also a butterfly that looked like a bat and a huge flying bug but I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to snap them!

How can a bug look so cute!

praying mantis
Praying mantis

This guy was quite feisty, it nipped Sam. I did a quick drawing when we got back to the bungalow.

Batu Karas beach
Crab on Batu Karas beach

pencil sketch
Little crab

I’d like to do a timelapse video of me doing a drawing like the one above, what do you think?

And finally, here’s the dragonfly.
pen sketch
Pen sketch of a dragonfly.

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some more updates from Java, internet permitting!

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Love the drawings and quite agree with you the surf board picture doesn’t need painting. Beautiful wave picture too and the arty bike! Not bad one of you and Sam either!!!!

Lovely drawings. I always envy people who can draw like you. I just cannot pick the main bits out of the detail as you have with the surf boards. At least you have beautiful places to visit to take your mind off no internet connection!!

What a wonderfully interesting place. I really like your hand drawing, mainly because the hand looks so great. My few attempts at hands end up looking like bunches of bananas.

I LOOOOVE your journal! You are super talented and I am sure you could make a book-journal. Sooo unique. Your handwriting is so cool too! I’ll be back when I have more time. I feel like I’ve found a treasure! patsy

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