This evening we arrived in Kapit, Malaysian Borneo after an eight hour, two boat journey up the huge Rejang River. It would probably have been quite a scenic trip if it wasn’t for the fact that the windows of the boat were about a foot above our heads and sitting on deck wasn’t allowed!

We walked down to the river after we’d checked into our hotel. We couldn’t believe that there were some children swimming in it, look how brown it is – and it smelt as bad as it looked!
River in Kapit.

The sky was looking very stormy as the sun was setting but it made the clouds an amazing colour for a few minutes!

Sunset in Kapit.

I had hoped to do some sketches today but the boat was moving around a little too much for that. I did manage to finish ‘High Fidelity’ though, a book I’d picked up from somewhere and started ages ago, so the hours spent on the boat weren’t completely wasted.

I’ve only managed to do a little bit of drawing this evening, adding to my camera sketch for the Doodler’s Anonymous competition. Still a way to go before it’s finished!

camera drawing
Coming along nicely.

As I don’t have any other creative offerings today, I thought I’d show you a pretty bag that I came across last night on ‘so-sew-easy‘. You can find the pattern itself here. Some of the material I bought in Kuching will definitely come in handy for this!

Photo from so-sew-easy

Last, but not least, we came across this artist’s work in Penang, peninsula Malaysia and I just had to share it with you. Georgetown, Penang has to be one of the most inspiring towns for artists in the world. The architecture is beautiful, from old, rustic buildings to clean, stylish apartment blocks.

The artist is called Katsuhiro Sato, he’s a retired engineer and architect from Japan who now lives in Penang. All of the following images were found on his blog Sketching in Penang where there are hundreds more.
I love his style and can’t wait to get my mitts on my own watercolours! What do you think of them? Does anyone else enjoy painting urban scenes?
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I do like this a lot. Just bought some watercolours and brushes at weekend to try this sort of thing out.

Hope you guys have a great trip. (My brother lives in the Far East and is thinking of retiring to this very neck of the woods. – small world.)

All the best


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