I haven’t got a lot to share with you this week as I’ve been working hard on my illustrated map of the Canal du Midi. It doesn’t look very attractive in this sketchy stage, hence no photographs.

Instead I thought I’d show you this family portrait I did a while ago as a commission. I don’t take on a lot of portrait commissions because they take a lot of time, but I didn’t have anything else on at that stage so it made a nice change.

coloured pencil portrait

I worked from a photo and used grey paper to give the portrait a bit of depth. It helps to bring out the lighter colours and give a bit of a base for the darker ones.

coloured pencil portrait

I used Faber Castell polychromo pencils which blend really nicely. The skin tones are built up in layers, avoiding using black for the shadows as they make the colours quite muddy. Instead I used a dark navy colour and a bit of grey.

coloured pencil portrait

coloured pencil portrait

And here I am with the final piece!

coloured pencil portrait

It was commissioned as a birthday present by someone from work, so I was able to see it framed as well!

52 Faces

Wayne Rooney is this week’s face, suggested by Sam (though he doesn’t support Manchester United!). I thought I’d go for a coloured pencil portrait this time.

miniature portrait of wayne rooney

That’s all for now, see you next week!

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They’re great aren’t they! I only bought them at the beginning of the year, so they’re fairly new to me but I love them. I’d like to try prismacolor pencils too though, as they seem really vibrant from artists’ work I’ve seen.

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