Born three weeks and two days ago, our little Munchkin has been as good as gold so far. I have very few complaints – he feeds well, he sleeps in between and he pulls the cutest little faces when he’s awake and alert.

working with a newborn baby

In fact, he sleeps so much that you would imagine that there is plenty of time for me to do what I want to do, namely work on my art. Wrong.

When he’s asleep, there’s always the threat that he’ll wake up any minute, and he doesn’t just sleepily come out of a deep slumber, oh no, he’ll go from ‘soundo’ to to wide awake and crying in a matter of milliseconds. When he’s awake, he wants feeding, so that’s another hour gone!

working with a newborn

After feeding, he’ll drift in and out of sleep and it’s impossible not to stare at his little face while he snuggles in my arms for hours on end.

working with a newborn

When he’s finally in a deep sleep and I’ve carefully transferred him to his Moses basket, praying he won’t stir, it’s time to get out what I’m working on and crack on for an hour or two.

Currently it’s a new paper cut heart commission, full of fabulous details to represent a lovely little family. I can’t share much at the moment as it’s a top secret surprise, but I’ll be sure to show you the finished piece when the recipient has opened it.

paper cut heart

You may remember this feather colouring page from ages ago? Well, I’m still working on it. They do say slow and steady wins the race and it’s a motto I’m definitely putting to the test when it comes to my adult colouring book.

adult colouring page

I’m also trying to keep up with diary entries into my bullet journal, as it’s a great way to remember all the lovely things which are happening each day which could so easily blend into one forgotten blur (time speeds up and brains slow down when you have a new baby, you know!).

bullet journal

So it might look like I have a lot on the go, but all this has been steadily bubbling along for weeks now and the paper cut and colouring page will probably still not be finished this time next week!

Anyway, little Munchkin is stirring on my lap so I’ll sign off here. Ciao for now 🙂


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