Well, I have been a very busy bee this week! I have begun something which I have been wanting to do for a while. It is a HUGE undertaking, but one which I am very excited about.

I have started a collection of drawings for…. drumroll please…. a colouring book!

adult colouring book

It seems that adult colouring has taken the world by storm (ok, the UK at least…) and I’ve seen an upturn in sales of the couple of pages I have in my Etsy shop. I adore colouring; it’s relaxing, therapeutic and helps to forget the stresses of the day. I love the thought that people are finding pleasure in my little doodles and the idea of making an actual book fills me with excitement!

Here’s some feedback I’ve just had from someone who bought one of my printable colouring pages on Etsy – I’m literally beaming!

“A very big hit around the office! Adults need creative outlets in stressful professional situations & this fits the bill! SO BEAUTIFUL, INTRICATE & downloaded instantly! (my fave is the little squid) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SELLER!”

So, I’ve decided it’s time to get serious. I’m creating a mailing list to keep everyone updated with the book as it progresses and all of the other projects and creative bits and bobs I’ll be squeezing in along the way.

If you would like to receive a little round-up from me in your inbox occasionally, please sign up to receive my email newsletter below.

I can’t promise that they’ll be regular, but I can promise that they’ll be full of creative goodness and maybe, just maybe, the odd free printable! (Shhhh!)

I don’t think I really need your phone number (though there must be some fun things I could do with it…), but I can’t get rid of the box, so just enter 07123456789.




I’m sure you’ll be wondering what’s lined up for the contents? Well, a lot! It’s going to take a very long time to gather together enough drawings to fill a book, but I’ve made a good start this week. So far there’s an underwater scene, a floral design and a page of doodle patterns.

adult colouring book

I’m now working on an intricate mechanical and machinery design which is making rather slow progress!

adult colouring book

I have no idea when I’ll be finished, but it’s all very exciting!

Anyway, in other news, Sam and I have had a lovely day today in the sunshine. First a walk from Hartland Quay and then a lovely afternoon in Appledore and Westward Ho!. I was planning to do some painting while Sam went fishing, but forgot my paint brushes, so this is as far as I got!

boat sketch

52 Faces

With all the excitement about my colouring book, I nearly forgot this week’s miniature portrait!

As she is waiting for the arrival of her second baby, I thought it was only fair to paint a miniature Kate! Now, I was going to call her Kate Middleton, but, of course, she’s married. I wracked my brains for her married name, and decided she must be called Kate Windsor. On further consultation with Google, however, I have discovered that she is, in fact, Kate Mountbatten-Windsor…who knew!

Kate Middleton

I’m pretty pleased with this one! It’s a mixture of watercolour and Faber Castell polychromos (which are great for all you colouring addicts, incidentally!).

Kate Middleton Miniature Portrait

That’s all for today! I would be eternally grateful (no, honestly) if you could share this post with any friends or family who may be interested in following the progress of my colouring book. Or just point them in the direction of my Facebook page.

Thank you muchly 🙂

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Wowsers Clare, congratulations, i know two people who would be interested, but i may keep it to myself and get them copies as Christmas presents, love, love, love xxxx

Thanks Jan! I’m beginning to regret the detail in the machinery one now…it still isn’t finished!

You’re right I have seen alot of people recently purchase adult colouring books..
I love your drawings, you have such a talent.
I wish you luck in achieving your goal, and look forward to seeing more of the images you come up with

Funny i read about the girl recently who is making a killing selling her adult coloring book on Amazon and remembered a comment someone made to me a few years ago when i stated doing my doodimals that i should design some for colouring in. Of course i never did and it looks like I’ve missed a trick! Good luck with your venture-it sounds promising so far and your sneaky peeks look amazing!

I deeply fell in love with your machinery 😀
Brought back a bit of my youth, I remember
that I’ve done something like that, it was
very complicated. Yours is so cute! 🙂

Tinna ✐

Thanks Tinna! It’s quite therapeutic to draw, but isn’t half taking up a lot of my time!

I love adult color books. Very therapeutic. I color with Prismacolor markers and watercolor pencils. The pages that you are creating are wonderfully done! I look forward to seeing more. Diane from PPF

You are so inspiring! All of your doodles are wonderful, and the complexity of those machines, well, it must be something you love. Thanks for sharing what you are working on, I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next. Oh, and the mini portrait is amazing too. Miniatures are so sweet.

When my kids were little they used to have those pads of designs ready for colouring in and I would always grab one for myself too so I could sit with them and join in – never finished them mind but it is very soothing to do a little colouring so I can see why it’s getting so popular. Yours are a little more complex and therefore I imagine even more satisfying – all those little details, how lovely.

I remember having those too, but like you, never finished them! Someone at work told me that they love colouring in the evenings, so do all their friends!

your coloring pages are wonderful
must be just as fun creating them as coloring them

amazed by your miniature
so much detail in such a small piece!

You are seriously good! My hubs said your miniature painting of Kate was “seriously bonkers”! haha Love the pages for your upcoming coloring book. What a brilliant idea! Lovely photos, too and so glad you both had a lovely day out in the sunshine. 🙂

Funny you mentioned colouring as got a free collage with my latest issue of Daphne’s Diary last week, as you said must be the in thing.

The picture of Catherine is beautiful

I also love colouring in snd have my own grown up colouring in book i found in a stationers shop in Canberra (australia ) about 4 years ago. Congratulations on your upcoming publication! Thats amazing news!
Lovely picture of Kate too! I adore your miniatures!

Thanks Louise! Glad to hear that colouring is popular in Australia too…maybe my book will make it over there (if I ever finish!)

Oh how exciting! I recently got my first adult colouring book order from amazon and I’m addicted already – I will definitely keep an eye out for yours! xx

Good for you! I have heard that colouring books are all the rage internationally!! So you go girl…you may have a lucrative venture on your hands!! When you“re ready tweet it out that you have colouring books available…hopefully you get a great response!! Love the Kate work too…fabulous!! You are so prolific!!

Hugs Giggles

Thank you! They are very popular, makes me think I need to be as quick as I can with mine! I’ll be sharing some progress photos, so keep an eye out 😉

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