I was invited to take part in a blogger competition (my first ever!) by Topps Tiles who kindly sent me some small bathroom tiles and glue to make a mosaic creation.

The brief was very loose, simply to make a mosaic from the materials provided. After browsing Pinterest for some ideas I settled on making a mosaic mirror as it’ll be both functional and pretty!

The tiles came in sheets like this…

 …so I got Sam involved to break them up for me. It wasn’t hard to split them, but it sped the process up a bit having him doing it!

I marked out a simple wave design on the mirror in biro and labelled which colour they were going to be so I wouldn’t forget!

Then I picked a spot to start sticking the pieces down.

Slowly (very slowly!) I built it up, picking the right size and shape tiles for the gaps. It was a very hot day to be sitting out in the garden!

Finally it ended up completely covered.

Et voilà, it’s finished!

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