Last year I bought my Dad a book of awesome intricate papercut examples, compiled by Laura Heyenga. A couple of weeks ago was my first chance to have a really good look through it myself (backhanded present alert!) and it inspired me to give it a go.

Our walls are looking very cream and boring at the moment, so I decided to do a papercut to brighten the place up a bit. I chose a heart shaped design and drew out a curly pattern, filling in the gaps with little leaf motifs and flowers. It took absolutely ages to cut, but turned out really well!

heart shaped papercut

It was extremely fiddly, I was worried that I’d cut a section right off!

heart shaped papercut

Can you spot the not-so-deliberate mistake?

heart shaped papercut

Now we just need to find a frame! I think a square frame with a broad mount would suit it, what do you think?

A surprise find at the recycling centre

Yesterday we paid a visit to the recycling centre at the tip in search of a couple of little tables that we could spruce up a bit for the lounge.

Of course, as always happens, we didn’t come away with what we’d intented to buy, but instead brought home a photo frame, fishing chair and………this!

1918 Singer sewing maching

A 1918 Singer sewing machine! As soon as I saw it sitting there, looking so chic and vintage on a chair, I knew I had to have it. I love the design, it’s heaviness and the fact it still works! I’ve yet to try it with fabric, but the mechanism seems to run really smoothly and it still has the original instruction book and selection of feet.

Sam’s reaction was “where on Earth area we going to put that?”, which is why it’s currently sitting on the windowsill. I quite like it as a quirky ornament though!

1918 Singer sewing machine

It has beautiful decorative metal panels on the end and back, more inspiration for papercuts perhaps! The wood is a little damaged, but I think that just adds to its charm 🙂

A lovely walk on the beach

Our friends came to stay last night and we went for a walk this morning to make the most of the rare sunshine! The beach at Westward Ho was looking as lovely as ever.

westward ho

The recent storms had washed away the sand revealing the clay bed underneath which had been moulded into interesting formations by the water. There’s something really satisfying about squishing a firm rounded clay mound under a welly booted foot!

All the stone-like ridges in the photo below are the clay poking through the sand. 

westward ho clay

That’s all for today, after a yummy lunch at the Village Inn in Westward Ho, I’m now ready to snuggle up for the evening in front of the fire!

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Amazing paper cutting. How on earth did you manage to cut such intricate designs and the word love? I could not find your error.

I also have an antiques singer sewing machine, but it is in a cabinet with drawers. I use the drawers to house some art supplies. Aren’t they beautiful?

Your beach photos are stunning. It is amazing what an artist nature is.

Happy relaxing my the fire!

You’ve got to be kidding me !!!!!!!!!! How long did it take you to do that ????
It’s amazing and I just LUV the little Seagulls lurking in there 😀 (one of your ‘love’ is the wrong way round)… is that it ????

Great sewing machine – I just love those. Had one for years and it sewed anything. I have fond memories of the sound they make from a kid, listening to my MuM sewing 😀

IKE xxxxxxxxxxx

Yes! You’re exactly right! I realised that I’d drawn all the loves the right way around, which was actually the wrong way round as I cut from the back, so I went around correcting them and missed one! Doh! As for how long it took, let’s just say a looong time! I’m working on another one now!

I tried the singer yesterday and it works perfectly, with the very satisfying sound you mentioned!

Hope you have a lovely week 🙂 Xx

Oh wow and I do know how long that must have taken you because I attempted it myself a while ago. My hands are still hurting! What a gorgeous piece I bet it will look great on your wall. Happy Paper Satudays! ManonX

Hi Clare, I am in awe at your patience and skill! I had to go and read what was the mistake you made…I had completely overlooked it (such a tiny thing…and you could even say that you did it on purpose! :)).
My mom still has two of those Singer machines at home in Italy. I have no idea how old they are but I believe that they belonged to my grandmother. They are beautiful decorations and still functional, I think. Finally, such a nice thing to be able to take a walk on the beach barefooted in the middle of winter. In Illinois all I can do is to walk in the snow, these days (if it’s not freezing outside)…thank you for sharing a bit of blue sky with us. 🙂

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