I’m disappointed to say that this week there has been no more progress on my adult colouring book. I have, however, been working on a very fun commission, of which there are a few sneaky peeks below.

These couple of draft illustrations were done in watercolour to give the client an idea of the finished piece.

children's book illustration

The final copy will be quite a bit neater.

children's book illustrations

I still find the shadows the most satisfying bit to add as it pulls the illustration off the paper and makes the whole scene more realistic and believable.

That’s it for art projects this week, except for my miniature portrait…

52 Faces

…of the Queen! I decided that as I’ve now done Will and Kate I may as well work towards completing the family!

pencil drawing of the queen

I’ve just been thinking that it must be so funny for the Queen to know that people carry around pictures of her in their pocket every day!

miniature pencil portrait of the queen

And that, peeps, is that!

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those drafts looks good, my drafts would not look that good at all. & the drawing of the queen is wonderful.

just stopping by from sunday sketch, hope you have a lovely day.

I think the shadows and lines in your watercolor turned out fantastic! Oh and I love the zombie too. Do people really carry pictures of the Queen in their pockets?

Thanks Rose! It’s getting hard to stay motivated with the little portraits now, but lovely comments like yours keep me going!

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