After hours of sitting hunched up, toiling over the cutting mat, I have finally finished this Indian-style paper cut and I couldn’t be happier with the way it’s turned out.

It’s cut out of ‘normal’ thickness paper with a size 11 scalpel blade.

I think I’m going to stick with the yellow background, but as it’s for my sister, I’d better give her the final say! I love the way the contrast is so vibrant when it’s held up to the light like in the photo below.

Although I’m glad it’s finished, I really enjoyed cutting out all those tiny patterns!

Here’s how it started life, hand drawn on a piece of plain A4 paper.

It casts beautiful shadows in the sunshine.

One last photo!

This weekend I’ve also been working on the dog portrait commission I began a few weeks ago. His nose was the focus today! The fur still needs toning down so it’s not so pale.

Finally, I’ve almost finished this doodle, but you’re only getting a sneak peek for now!

That’s all for today, thanks for stopping by! I’ll leave you with this photo taken at Westward Ho! while Sam was land boarding this evening.

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Wow love the Indian Paper Cutting so intricate and beautiful, your dog’s nose is stunning I love how you’ve caught all the little ridges, you are so talented, popped over from Handmade Monday and will be following you blog from now on x

Well I don’t know where to start. The paper cut is amazing, and the dog painting looks almost like velvet. Is it really painted? But best of all is the “doodle”.

*EXQUISITE*!! — I hope you’ve photocopied a few templates of IT? As IT would be fabulous to transfer to some lino or a wood block to use for printing! — BTW, with those Knife Skills, you have a promising as a Surgeon!

As it happens I’ve just got a brand new scanner so can now make a good copy! I’ve never done printing before so wouldn’t know where to start, but I’ll definitely save a copy just in case I ever do.

Yes, the blades are actually for surgical use, which is a little worrying, hopefully I won’t accidentally put them to the test!

Eeeeeek !!! The paper cut is truly AWESOME !!!!! I can’t wait to hear what she thought of it 😀
The new Doodle looks fabulous – LUV those cute little critters on there. I may have to commission me one of those soon ? 😀

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

I am sorry I am so late for Paper Saturdays but I am glad to say that I don’t miss much of your art on FB via my iphone just wished the Internet was better at the house.

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