I just want to start by saying thank you for your lovely comments. Normally I try to reply to them all, either on my blog or by email, but this week has run away with me a bit and I haven’t had chance. I do really appreciate each and every one though, so thank you!

This weekend has been one of those lovely quiet ones. We had no plans so I’ve had lots of time to get on with my Thames map commission.

It finally feels like I’m getting somewhere, but before I show you the progress, I wanted to share this doodle which I started ages ago for an art swap with portrait artist Debbie from Portraits of Treasured Memories. Debbie’s going to give it to her daughter, Kyrie, for Christmas.

I think it’s finished, but that’s the trouble with these doodles, it’s really hard to know when to stop!

The little characters I’ve picked out in colour are Debbie’s daughter’s favourite toys.

The fairy isn’t one of Kyrie’s toys, but I felt it needed a splash of colour in the bottom left corner to balance it out.

I hope she likes it!

Now on to the serious business of the Thames map. This week I finished sketching out the second ‘half’ as it is so long I’ve had to do it in two separate. Yesterday and today I’ve been outlining the half which has already been checked by the client.

I was so nervous to start in pen at first – what if I went wrong? Once I got in the flow of it though, I enjoyed seeing it grow.

I’m not sure how many hours it took me in total over the two days, but I was very relieved to have finished this half without making a mistake (touch wood…)!

Here’s a few little close ups, on the left is the Dorchester area, on the right is Pangbourne at the bottom, leading into Reading at the top. Mapledurham House is on the left hand side of the river.

I think when I’ve finished this project I’m going to have a pretty good knowledge of the Thames!

That’s it for today, I also want to say thank you to all those who have voted for my blog in the UK Blogger Awards. If you haven’t, it would really make my day if you could pop across to my page and vote – if you want to of course! Voting closes on Wednesday 3 December.

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It is nice when you learn something through a project. The Kyrie artwork is beautiful, and very special with her own toys in it. Can’t wait to see the finished Thames project. Will the map be for sale?

Your doodle are absolutely amazing and so intricate.
What a great opportunity to be able to draw the Thames, i can understand the nerves of starting in ink. Is it staying completely black and white or some colour added? x

Oh the doodle is so awesome with colour on it and the Thames is looking superb. I know how you feel about something going wrong. !!! It will be an amazing piece Clare 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxx

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