I am absolutely loving watercolour painting at the moment. I’m sure it’s contagious, so keep your distance from your computer screen!

I’m picking up my paintbrushes and trusty Winsor and Newton watercolours at every opportunity I get. I go to bed with ideas and colours swirling round in my head. I’m lapping up inspiration from every source I can find – Pinterest, Instagram, the Urban Sketching group on Facebook. My motivation levels are soaring!

I’m just lacking time.

An extra few hours a day is all I ask – do you think you could do that for me universe?

Just slow down the earth and let me paint without thinking about the washing piling up in the basket, the dirty kitchen floor, the bathroom which needs cleaning.

Here are a few of the pieces I’ve been working on in my sketchbook. As you’ll know if you follow my blog, I’ve been using a sketchbook to try out new techniques and experimenting in an effort to dispel the ‘fear of the blank page’ which I find plagues me so often.

It has been so refreshing and relaxing to just open the sketchbook at any page and put down my ideas on paper without worrying about the outcome.

Wells Cathedral study

Wells Cathedral architectural illustration

I spent last weekend in a cottage in Somerset with my Mum, Dad, sister and her husband and their dog (and of course my little Munchkin). Sam was away at Boardmasters festival in Cornwall. We had a lovely relaxing weekend full of walking, eating and playing, and for me, the opportunity to sketch and paint in the evenings. This painting is of the beautiful cathedral in Wells. Much of the architecture there is just begging to be painted, but I wanted to challenge myself with something which has lots of complicated detail.

Wells Cathedral architectural illustration

As always, the idea was to be loose and less accurate, but as is usually the way, I ended up adding more and more detail. I’m quite a fan of the psychedelic background and the way the detail has turned out, so I might let myself off!

Coffee table sketch

I did stick to my ‘keep loose’ rule with this next little sketch of the coffee table in the living room of the cottage. Piled with treats, wine, glasses and cups of tea, it was an interesting subject to draw and paint from the sofa.

coffee table watercolour sketch

Bishops Tawton Art Group

Last Thursday I went to Bishops Tawton Art Group for the first time, where I met lots of lovely people and enjoyed a relaxing evening of painting. The theme was ‘rivers’ but as I hadn’t prepared anything to bring along, and given that everyone was so laid-back and didn’t mind if people wanted to work on their own thing, I decided to do an observational painting of the window on the other side of the room.

Bishops Tawton Art Club

The evening sunlight was flooding in and bouncing off the leaves of the trees outside, creating beautiful colours and leaving soft highlights on the people’s shoulders as they painted. This sketch could do with a lot more work and the drawing is far from perfect (the lady’s body is way too long as you can see!), but the moment has passed and I’m happy to leave this as a work on progress.

Little Munchkin liked looking at this one as I was taking photos for my blog!

munchkin looking at painting

Watercolour in progress

This is the painting I’m working on at the moment. I filmed the first stages of it with the intention of making a speed drawing video, but then I forgot to film any more. I may start filming again so that I can at least show the next stages of painting!

watercolour painting of conservatory

As you can see, the toys had all moved around by the time I took this photo!

watercolour painting of conservatory

Take a look at my blog posts on botanical illustration, wildlife illustration and loose watercolour portraits to see more of my painting experiments!

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Hello Clare, thanks for this delightful post!
The detail in all your work is incredible and none moreso than in the first drawing of the cathedral in Wells.
I love the coffee table – in fact it made me think of how I’d really enjoy sitting down in front of it and relaxing while reaching over and choosing one of those little treats!
Your sweet little munchkin is lovely in the photo you were trying to take .. . it’s moments such as those that are so precious aren’t they. I often wish we had digital cameras back when our darlings were little!
Lovely to catch up with you again, cheers now :D)

Thanks Sue! Yes, I take so many photos of him, and videos too, I just love looking back and seeing how he’s changed. It’ll be lovely when he’s older too to show him – there are only a handful of photos and videos from my childhood! Lovely to hear from you again too, thanks for stopping by 🙂 x

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