Yep, you read right. And yep, I’m a girl!

There’s a first for everything, and this weekend was my first (and probably last!) ever stag do! (For all my American readers, that’s a bachelor party and usually strictly men only!) My good friend from school is getting married in three weeks and wanted me and another couple of girl friends to come along on his last night of freedom for a pub crawl around London. It was fun and very tame compared to what I imagine normally happens on a stag do.

Also, some very exciting news this week – we’re moving house! We finally exchanged on our very first house and are excited to be moving in 10 days time. There’s a lot of packing to be done before then, so I’m not sure how much drawing and painting will be going on over the next few weeks!

Anyway, for those two reasons I have very little to show you today. I spent a couple of evenings working on my new illustrated map commission for the Canal du Midi, trying to work out how to represent what seems like thousands of lochs! Each of these little red arrow shapes is one loch.

illustrated map

I’m trying to decide the best layout to make sure that all the illustrations fit on the painting. It’s a longer map than the one I did of the Thames, so I think I may have to make it slightly bigger.

52 Faces

This week it’s Meryl Streep who’s been on my drawing board! This miniature pencil portrait was quite hard because of the angle of her face and I think it’s slightly off but it’ll do as I was pushed for time.

meryl streep portrait


Meryl Streep portrait

That’s all for today, sorry there’s not much to see!

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I’ve not been on a stag do but my hubby has been on a couple of hen parties with me, he said it was ‘scary’ 🙂
Gosh, so many locks to do, I suppose a lot depends on the size it needs to be, if it was me I’d try the arrows done in fine silver/white lines…. whatever you do I’m sure you’ll make the right choice 🙂
The Meryl Streep miniature looks perfect.

I can imagine it is quite scary for a man to go on a hen to! I’m not sure what to do about the locks yet, I think I’m going to see how much space there is for each one when I’ve finished the scale draft…they might have to be symbols 🙂

Congratulations on your imminent house move. I love the moving in bit but not the packing up! Your London map was amazing so I am sure this one will be too, so many locks so close though!! It definitely looks like Meryl Streep which is good because she often manages to look so different in all her films.

Congratulations on the house move, I can say from experience that its hard work but totally worth it – and you never have to live with magnolia paint any more!

I know! Everyone must feel the same! Sam’s planning on painting his study green though, not sure if that’s an improvement on magnolia….

Your illustration is awesome. I don’t know how do you manage to create in very small. Gorgeous!
Have a great day!

Stag do? well that is a first but sounded tame not the usual high jinks that occur and you survived!
Meryl is very good and always amazed by your miniatures.

I suspect you ladies may have been a good influence on the stag do (or maybe they are all pretty tame and the guys pretend as some sort of “man secret”! )
You have capture Meryl’s liveliness really nicely, to be honest I have no idea how you get so much detail in such a teeny space, mine would look like emojis!
Good luck with the move.

I think you could be right! Goodness knows what would have happened if we weren’t there! Thanks Julie 🙂

Thanks Vicky! I think I might need the good luck wishes, our house looks untidy to say the least at the moment!

My husband went on a stag do recently, they went to a music festival that weekend it was really wet! He showed me pictures of the rivers of mud, I was so happy I didn’t go!
I’m looking forward to seeing the finished map, the one you did of the Thames is amazing xx

Haha! Sounds like you escaped that one! It’s funny that music festivals always seem to be rainy! Thanks for popping by Anna 🙂

Thank you! I think it’s too late though, everythis is almost packed and we forgot the labels! Doh!

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