I’ve been overwhelmed by the the amount of lovely comments left on my last post, so thank you! I love reading them and it’s so nice to know that my artistic endeavours are being appreciated!

Sam and I are working over the summer as activity leaders at an English school for foreign teenagers. It’s a fantastic job as it involves doing lots of different fun activities with the students!

Kaplan Junior School Torquay
A very hectic few days

I’ll include a photo of our painted t-shirts in my next post as they’re still at school. I must warn you though, mine isn’t very inspired!

I came across the blog Twinkle, Twinkle a while ago and when I read about the Summer of Colour I thought it was a brilliant idea! This is the first time I’ve contributed, the colour scheme is lime green and purple – I love these colours! I’m really into watercolours at the moment so that’s what I used. When it comes to ideas, I’m not particularly creative so I have to admit I googled ‘green and purple’ and found a photo of a bench here to use as a reference picture.

As usual I started with a line drawing in fine black pen.

line drawing
Pencil sketch with pen

 Then I painted a gradient green background.

how to paint watercolors
Filling in the gaps

 Then added a bit more texture with darker and lighter greens.

how to paint watercolors
Bit more detail

 Finally I painted the bench purple and used a tiny brush for the details.

The finished painting – lime green and purple

The outcome isn’t quite as vibrant as I would have liked. I’ve seen many watercolours which seem better lit, if that makes sense. If anyone can give me any tips to achieve this I’d be most grateful!

It’s my sister’s birthday on Friday so I made her a hand-painted card. I’m pretty sure she won’t see it on here, so voilà!

hand painted watercolour card 
I’m a little annoyed I placed the word ‘wine’ slightly wonky, but apart from that I’m quite pleased!

hand painted watercolour card

It’s getting late so I’ll call it a day here. I’ll leave you with this photo – now we’re living with Sam’s friend Dan we have some adopted pets! I’ll leave you with a picture of them going about their daily business.

tropical fish
Just keep swimming….

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Clare, Thanks for visiting my blog. Its fun to meet another watercolor artist. Your watercolors are amazing. It looks like you really know what you are doing!

A very pretty rendition of the bench/vine! I would love to be able to draw like that!! And, the card you made for your sister is fabulous – don’t worry about the wine part; it is gorgeous!!

Love the sketch! Great work. Your sister will be very happy with the card I expect, I didn’t even notice that the word “wine” was wonky. Great post. 🙂

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