This week I finished a paper cut which I can’t share with you, just in case the new owner sees it before they are given it.

I’ve also started a portrait which I can’t show for the same reason, so I haven’t got a lot to fill today’s blog!

I can share this little project though. It’s for BBC One’s ‘Little Painting Challenge‘ for which artists submit postcard sized pieces of art to be in with a chance of winning £500 of art supplies. 1,000 of the best entries will be exhibited in the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester (a little far for me to visit, but it would be cool nonetheless!).

As I’m enjoying drawing these miniature portraits at the moment, I’ve decided to incorporate them into my entry. I’m not entirely sure how it’ll look in the end, but I’m envisaging five portraits, of which Richard Branson is the first.

He’s not finished yet, but nearly there.

Richard Branson

52 faces

The subject for this week’s miniature portrait for my 52 faces challenge is Hugh Laurie (thank you Alexandra from Blue Chair Diary Illustrations for the suggestion). I’ve now got a little list of people to draw thanks to suggestions on my Facebook page, which is good as I was running out of inspiration!

Hugh Laurie

I’m a little short of female subjects though (due to lots of hunky actors being suggested!), so if anyone has any ideas for ladies to draw, they would be most welcome!

Hugh Laurie Drawing

That’s it peeps, have a great week!

PS. I have just discovered an AMAZING artist, Nicolas V. Sanchez who uses ballpoint pen to create incredible portraits. I recommend taking a look at his work! I’ve linked to the ‘ink’ page of his website here, but take a look around as he’s also a great painter.

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I know I keep saying it but you are so talented. Your likenesses are so lifelike. What do you think to a Madonna
miniature to pick her back up after her fall. Have a wonderful week.
Ali xx

Aww, thank you Ali! I have to admit, I started a mini Madonna this week but really wasn’t feeling it! I might give her another go though!

Good luck with the postcard project. Mini Hugh Laurie is fab!
How about my favourite actress of all time, Julie Walters – maybe with her Educating Rita look, or Mrs Weasley – I love both! Maggie Smith as The Dowager Countess? Malala Yousafzai – she’s pretty amazing and portrait worthy. And I can’t remember her name but there’s a lady who wears really flamboyant clothes and started some sort of children’s charity – sorry that’s not much help, do you have any idea who I am talking about? I thought she was Kamilla something…

Thanks for all the suggestions Julie! They’re all really good ideas…I’ve got enough to keep me going for at least 3 weeks here!

Without doubt, You ARE the “MISTRESS”-of-the-POINTY-PENCILS!!
And GOOD LUCKwith that BBC thing!

BTW, I would love to see you do – [“some” day..?] – a montage of the GAME of THRONES Cast… They all have such great texture to their faces!

Hehe! You’ve got that right! I’m sharpening my pencils every five minutes when I’m drawing one of these! Good suggestion on the Game of Thrones cast – I do like the idea of a mini montage!

I just shared this with my hubby. I said I had asked if you would consider doing the (hot and hunkified) Hugh Laurie – hahahaha he smiled and said, “OH MY GOSH! SHE’S BRILLIANT!” hee hee

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this. You made my day when I saw this mini sketch posted. Woot! Can I purchase a digital image to place on my inpsiration board in my art studio?! 😀

Haha! I’m so glad you both like him! You don’t have to buy one for your art studio, I’ll happily send you the photo 🙂

Amazing drawings – you can tell they’re good because I could tell instantly who they were without seeing their names! Can I second the votes for Judi Dench and Maggie Smith? I imagine they would be very interesting to do – possibly the Queen too! Have fun. x

Hi Clare, thanks for your visit at my blog 🙂
Love your miniature art! I like little things
myself :)) And yes, I love my .05 mm pen,
but I really can’t wait to get the .005 pen 😀
Then I can really get into detail in my
little booklet! 🙂
Have a great week ahead
Tinna ✐

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