Well, that was a very welcome long weekend! We’ve spent it with family and friends, eating far too much as usual but that’s what weekends are for!

My adult colouring page is coming along, I’ve outlined it in black now but it still needs a heavier outline around the houses to make them stand out a bit more.

adult colouring book

I had fun drawing all the different windows and little bricks!

adult colouring book

I’ve also started work on the final drawing for my Canal du Midi map commission. I’ve just drawn the river out so far, now comes the hard task of adding all the detailed attractions along the way. Luckily, Le Boat have sent me a fantastic sketch (top left of the photo) which includes the locations and names of all the things to include.

canal du midi illustrated map

I’ve used a little artistic license with the scale and shape to make it fit on the paper.

52 Faces

This week’s miniature portrait is Orlando Bloom, because you’ve got to love a little bit of Orlando 🙂 Excuse the rubbish photo. The camera seems to have something on the lens which gets in the way when taking a photo at this distance. You might be able to make out just to the top left of his head where I’ve tried to smudge out the shadow from the lens…very annoying!

Miniature portrait of Orlando Bloom

That’s all for today, hope you’ve all had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

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Love the seaside town design. I do think that Le Boat should offer you a research trip to France. Just to make sure that you get everything just right!

They did actually Ginny! Unfortunately I had so many weddings to go to over the summer that I couldn’t fit it in, very disappointing as I would have loved to go!

I’m not sure it feels so exciting as daunting at the moment! I can’t wait to get to the painting stage 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! x

Thank you! It’s really hard to motivate myself to do them now! I keep having to remind myself that there are only a few months left to go!

Hi Anna, I’m really sorry, I’ve been so pants at replying to my blog comments! It’s not available in my shop as I’m hoping to release it as part of my colouring book…whenever I get around to finishing! There are a couple of other colouring pages available in my Etsy shop though 🙂

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