Today’s blog post comes to you from wet and windy Wales! We’re away for the bank holiday weekend in a little apartment called Doc y Gogledd in Llanelli, close to the Gower Peninsula.

While the weather hasn’t been the best, we have enjoyed visiting some of the places nearby and imagining what they would be like on a brilliantly sunny day.

Doc y Gogledd

This week I’ve been working hard on my adult colouring book, but it’s extremely slow progress! Thanks to all of you who signed up to my newsletter last week, if you haven’t and you’d like to keep up to date with how it’s coming along, you can enter your details here. Some people have been having a bit of trouble, so if you do, just drop me an email with your name and email address to

Anyway, in the absence of very much creative to show you, here are a few photos from our weekend.

Kidwelly Castle

This is Kidwelly Castle. We didn’t go inside, but it looked pretty foreboding from the outside; just imagine being the enemy trying to get in!


Tenby was the next stop! It was raining hard when we arrived so we stopped for some soup in a pub before venturing back outside when the rain had eased off. I would love to sketch this little town; the coloured houses and boats in the harbour are just asking to be painted!

Fall Bay

Today we walked around Worm’s Head, with beautiful (if somewhat misty) views over Rhossili Bay one side and Fall Bay (above) the other. Though it looks cold, we actually worked up a bit of a sweat after walking for a while, I was certainly regretting my layers of jumpers!

Doc Y Gogledd

This photo was taken looking back at the apartments where we’re staying. We’re in one of the back ones without a view, but it’s still nice to be so close to the coast!

52 Faces

Yesterday I caught up with this week’s miniature portrait. I chose Trevor McDonald because Sam suggested I draw an old person with interesting features (sorry Trev!). I forgot to bring my coloured pencils with me so it’s not quite as refined as I’d like, I’ll finish it off once I’m back. This one’s for Paint Party Friday!

Trevor McDonald

And a close up…

Trevor McDonald portrait

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I think I missed linking last week, so hadn’t heard of the adult colouring book. What a great idea. Wales looks a bit moody, but beautiful.

Great scenic pictures! You must have a great time, even if it was rainy. I kind of like rainy days outside. Your miniature is amazing, I am starting to look forward to them!

Sometimes it’s nice to just wander around in the rain and not care about getting wet! Thanks Karen 🙂

Thanks Caroline, that makes me very happy because I’m always trying to make them as realistic as possible!

Thanks for sharing those photos of Wales. Just beautiful even if the weather wasn’t the best. Ive signed up for a newsletter in case i miss any of your posts. Have loved checking out the 52 faces even if i dont know this trevor bloke!

Thanks Louise, it’s very exciting that people are signing up to my newsletter! I’ll have to think of what to put in it now!

I have just discovered your blog and will certainly be back to visit soon.

I love your drawing in your diary. This reminds me of a holiday hubbie and I took many years ago when I didn’t have a camera with me and so I drew views of places we visited on a tiny notebook, but I never did anything with it. I had planned on making a bigger picture one day, Maybe I will now you’ve inspired me!

Barbara xx

Thanks for your kind comments Barbara and I’m so happy you’ve discovered my blog! It sounds like a lovely idea to draw all of the places you visited…I often think about doing that but it takes a lot of dedication, doesn’t it!

Clare, another fabulous weekend and wonderful photos. I LOVE boats and should really do a series – but when would I ever have the time?! lol Adore the sketch of your kitchen, too. You’re fun and inspiring! 🙂

You art never ceases to amaze me. I love the “faces” as they look so real. I so enjoyed seeing the photos you took. It reminds me of the scenery in Doc Martin. Have a wonderful week 🙂

Thank you! I see what you mean about Doc Martin, although I think that was filmed in Port Isaac in Cornwall… Tenby was lovely though, really picturesque!

Love the drawing of Trevor McDonald and your little sketch of the kitchen 🙂 Wales looks a little damp unfortunately, but sounds like you managed to make the most of it 🙂

So much of Wales is so pictureque, it’s such a shame that the weather wasn’t great for you. I’m quite excited to hear more about your adult colouring book.

I love Wales, I didn’t mind at all when we were there at Easter and it was wet! We still had a good time. All you need is a mac 🙂 Your drawings are amazing.

Thank you! The bits of Wales we visited were lovely, despite the rain. I’m sure they look even better in the sunshine!

What a beautiful patch of earth! How fortunate you are to visit such a place, despite the lack of sunshine! Thanks for sharing it with us. Annnd… I love your sketches, too!

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