This week I’ve been working on a commissioned illustrated map for the inside cover of a children’s book with a Halloween theme. The front cover is nearly finished now, just needs the finishing touches adding digitally.

I was going to start painting the map this weekend, but we are staying with Sam’s mum and I brought everything with me except my watercolours! I was so annoyed as it’s the perfect time to crack on with it.

Anyway, here are a few photos of what it looks like so far.

children's book illustration

I really can’t wait to paint it!

children's book illustration

This is the whole piece. It’s one third bigger than it will be in the book to allow me to include lots of detail.

children's book illustration

I have to admit that I haven’t had time to work on my colouring book while this commission has been on the drawing board. I also have to apologise to those who’ve signed up for my newsletter as I haven’t got around to sending one yet! Hopefully after this commission I’ll be able to crack on with some more pages.

I doodled this little thing too, inspired by an amazing artist I’ve just discovered on instagram, frameboutique. She’s shared several of her inky doodle spreads and I think they’re beautiful!

doodle art

52 Faces

This week I decided to draw the beautiful Taylor Swift. She was very easy to draw – her full lips, dark make up and contoured eyebrows making her very identifiable!

taylor swift drawing

taylor swift drawing

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Dropping by from Handmade Monday and just loving those scary trees. What a shame you don’t have your watercolours with you, when you travel it’s frustrating when that happens. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses though, love your work – Chris 😀

I saw a peek of your book illustrations earlier in the week on facebook – scary stuff (although the little ghosts are kind of cute – scary cute though – is that a thing?
I’m pretty sure Taylor Swift isn’t really that easy to draw, I’m pretty sure you are just very talented!

Your scary trees look great. They will look great on inside cover of the book. Would love seeing it once the color is added. Taylor Swift looks great. I love seeing your work, Thanks for sharing it so willingly.


It certainly is Caroline! I have to admit I had to look up what some of the things should look like…such as a bogeyman!

Aww i love your tree map, i see why you’re itching to get started with painting it, it must be such a fun part of the process getting to add the colours that will really bring it to life. I look forward to seeing it when its done 🙂 x

I looooooove your scary forest! It’s amazing. The ghosts and skeletons are gorgeous. Lovely addition to your 52 faces. Beautiful post!

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