I know the end of January is a little late to be talking New Year’s resolutions, but I need to get these out into the wide world to give me motivation to achieve them this year.

I wrote them on New year’s day and am embarrassed to say that I’ve been a bit lax with some of them already!

Bullet Journal New Years Resolutions

#1 Plan and have a craft stall

This is the major one. I have always thought that one day I would have an art and craft stall somewhere, but I’ve never put any time and thought into what I’d actually sell. 2018, I’ve decided, is my year, and this resolution is designed to keep me motivated and give focus to the art I create on a daily and weekly basis. I’ve set myself the target of holding a stall in time for Christmas, so I’m aiming to have all my products ready by November.

To keep me on track, I’ve made a list in my bullet journal of all the things I’d like to sell, and all the things I need to do in order to make this a reality. I have already started on a few bits of artwork which I’ll be blogging about in another post, but for now, you’ll have to settle for this sneaky peek!

dogs for craft stall

#2 Finish my colouring book

Those of you who’ve been following my blog for years may remember me harping on a while ago about a colouring book I was creating. Well, it went a bit stagnant for a while (a year at least) as I worked on other projects and lost interest in it. Flicking through the pile of drawings I’d already finished, I realised that I’m actually quite close to finishing, so I’ve brought it back onto my to-do list and have already drawn out a couple more designs to include.

Adult colouring book

I’m planning to print it (or have it printed?) ready to sell on my craft stall, and will probably add it to my Etsy shop too. If anyone has any experience getting books printed, please let me know your tips!

#3 Make my sketchbook into a zine

In reality, it’s going to be a bit more than a zine! I’m so proud of my 2017 sketchbook that I’ve decided to make a printed version which will be available to buy. I naively thought that I’d just scan in the pages and print them out, but I’ve reached some hurdles already. It took me an age to tidy up the scanned images in Photoshop, and then comes the challenge of aligning the pages for printing.

chain and succulents watercolour sketchbook

I also haven’t decided yet whether to include annotations on each page, or just leave it as a book of pictures? Again, any advice would be appreciated!

#4 Spend less time on social media and more time doing

I have to admit that at the beginning of January, this resolution was not going well! Now, however, I feel more focused and have been spending my evenings painting and planning products for my craft stall. I’ve also got an iphone now which has helped immensely, as it’s enabled me to quickly add photos and videos to Instagram and Facebook without being side-tracked by browsing.

social media addict

If you’re not already a follower, please pop by my social media pages as I update them regularly with photos and videos.

#5 Focus on being happy and keeping healthy

This one doesn’t take much explanations, but is something I think we all forget sometimes! This year I’m going to remember the bigger picture and embrace every day!

Clare Willcocks

#6 Pursue illustration career

I have been working recently on building up my portfolio to demonstrate my illustration skills. I’ve completed some portraits for our local food and drink magazine ‘Taste Buds’ which you can see on page two of the online version of the magazine.

Taste Buds Portraits

I have also got an illustration ready to be published in ‘Devon Life’ magazine, which I’m very excited to see in February. This year has started off with another exciting project which I hope to be able to share more about soon. So all in all, I’m doing quite well with this resolution!

#7 Use diary to be organised and productive

I’m certainly using my bullet journal to its full potential already this year, with lists for my craft stall and daily/weekly to-do lists. That’s not to say I’ve managed to tick many things off, but having them written down gives me focus and it’s always better to have too many things to do, than the other way around – I like to keep busy!

I’m also using my bullet journal to create photo collages and to keep a daily diary. I’ve been doing this every day for over two years now and I love looking back and reading exactly what I was up to on any given day!

This year, I’ve also started a new little ‘memory’ book, in which I’m writing one happy memory a day. There’s space for 5 years’ worth, so it will be lovely to look back and remember happy times over the years.

Memory diary

#8 Spend lots of quality time with Sam and the munchkin

Our little man is nearly two and his little character is really coming through now he can talk and make decisions for himself. He’s so funny, coming out with lots of little quips that make us smile. I just want to make the most of this lovely stage and spend as much time as we can together as a family.


#9 Start a new 2018 sketchbook

Well, I can tick this one off already! I’m now three pages through a new a5 sketchbook and loving the creative outlet it gives me just as much as I did last year. I’m hoping to fill this sketchbook up throughout the year with experiments, memories and illustrations. I’m aiming to use my own photography as reference, or draw from real life where I can, so that the sketchbook holds more meaning for me.

Pavilions torquay

#10 Make regular YouTube videos and blogs

I’ve given myself a little leeway here with the word ‘regular’ – it leaves things a bit open in terms of frequency of posting. I may post once a week sometimes, I may post once a month. I’m going to try and make some more videos and I’d love to try my hand at vlogging my art activities but I’m a little scared to start! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep track of the progress I make on this resolution!

Thanks for reading, see you again soon!

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Well Clare – this all sounds jolly exciting. It would be so cool to get your craft stall going and I think the big plan should be ‘open your own Gallery’ 😀 I think the little paintings are great without annotations. The colouring book is going to be awesome – I love those little dog pictures so maybe a colouring page with dogs would be wonderful 😀
I must say that Little Man is growing so fast. I can’t believe that it’s 2 years already !!!!!!
Fabulous list of resolutions.

I didn’t make any. I keep telling myself to ‘de-clutter’ my craft room. I have so much stuff I don’t use and which I aught to sell. Lost my Mojo waaaaay before Christmas and can’t seem to get it back, so at a bit of a loss this end 🙁

IKE xxx

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