We’ve had a lovely last day in Batu Karas. The sun’s been shining, the sky’s been completely clear and the surf’s been good!

Here’s my comic strip diary from yesterday.

surfing in Batu Karas
The sun has got his hat on!

…and from today, our last day in Batu Karas.

Last day in Batu Karas

Yesterday morning the volcano on the horizon was visible again and the light was fantastic.

Batu Karas beach
We took a few pictures to remind us what it’s like with the sun out!
batu karas beach
Batu Karas beach

Batu Karas beach
Batu Karas beach

This little crab looks like he was posing for me with his leg in the air.

batu karas beach
I spotted this thing on a rock. I thought it was a bit of bark off a tree at first until it started moving, then I realised it was a little grub. My first thought was that it’s a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but aren’t they meant to be butterflies when they emerge from their chrysalis? Maybe it’s just a strange bug with a clever disguise!
batu karas
Finally one last photo of the beach. We’re flying to Jakarta at 6am tomorrow so this will be the last time we see it in daylight!
batu karas beach
Over the last couple of weeks Sam has got very attached to the bright yellow surfboard he’s been renting so he took a photo to remember it by!
surfing in batu karas
Sorry there aren’t any drawings in this post, I just haven’t had time with all the sunbathing I’ve been doing!
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