I’ve got lots of little bits for commissions etc. which need finishing, so instead of doing the sensible thing and getting them done, I thought I’d take some time out this weekend for a bit of sewing!

It’s been a long while since my sewing machine has seen any action, so I dusted it off and set to work making this paint brush roll. Before today, I’ve been keeping my paint brushes in a ziplock sandwich bag, which, as you can guess, is far from ideal!

paint brush roll sewing

Paint brush roll sewing tutorial

If you fancy making one of your own, you just need a three 22″ x 11″ pieces of material (one for the inside, one for the outside and one for the paint brush slots) and a piece of ribbon or string for the fastening.

paint brush roll sewing tutorial

Fold the paint brush slots piece of fabric in half longways (pink bit in my photos) and sew along the top of the fold. Sew around the rough edge onto onto the inside colour (blue) and stitch parallel lines every inch or so for the paint brushes to fit in. Then face the right side to the right side of the outer fabric, with the ribbon in place in between and sew all around, leaving a hole for turning.

paint brush roll sewing tutorial

Turn, press and stitch around the edge, just under a quarter of an inch in. Et voilà!

paint brush roll sewing tutorial

Now I can carry all my paintbrushes around neatly!

paint brush roll sewing tutorial

Other projects…

Every night this week I’ve been working on invitations for my sister’s wedding. I don’t want to spoil the surprise by revealing the design just yet, but let’s just say these paint brushes have been getting some use!

For those of you who read last week’s post and are wondering what happened to my entry for the BBC’s Little Painting Challenge…well, here it is – “Funny Money”.

BBCs Little Painting Challenge

It’s not quite how I wanted it to turn out, although I didn’t really have a finished piece in mind when I started. Thank you to everyone who commented ideas on how to use the background. I decided to mount the faces on the coins so that I didn’t have to paint anything new (thank you Auntie Shan for the suggestion!). Submissions need to be in by Thursday so I’m cutting it a bit fine! I’m sharing this one over at Paint Party Friday.

52 Faces

The 13th portrait in my 52 faces project was a no-brainer. It had to be Jeremy Clarkson after this week’s announcement!

Jeremy Clarkson portrait

I have to admit that I started filming this one to make it into a speed drawing video, but I work so close to the paper that I kept blocking the view, so in the end I gave up!

miniature portrait of Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson pencil portrait

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last blog post! I really enjoy reading them all and popping over to see what everyone else has been up to.

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I loved the tutorial big time! Ohhhh would love to make one of those and might try when I return home next month. I’ll be gone for another 3 weeks. As always, your mini sketches rock! 🙂

Well done on the paint brush holder, it looks fab and i imagine it was nice to have a change and do a bit of sewing 🙂 Fantastic drawings as always, Jeremy Clarkson was the perfect choice for this week and you’ve captured him so well 🙂 x

What a great tutorial for the paintbrush roll! Top Gear is very popular down here in Kangaroo Land so I love your picture of that cheeky bugger Jeremy Clarkson. You’ve done a brilliant job. How about James and Richard to complete the set?
xox Louise

Love your tutorial, I have an old bamboo thing that’s falling apart and really needs to be replaced. I have this week off from teaching (Spring Break) and will definitely be making one. Thanks so much for sharing Clare.

I love your paintbrush roll, its so bright and cheerful, thanks for sharing how to make one – I really must get round to making something similar to store all my knitting needles in.

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