Well, that was another busy weekend! We’ve had a birthday, beer festival and barbecue combined with moving into our new home! I’m going to use today’s comic strip diary for Creative Tuesdays as, coincidentally, the theme this week is ‘moving’!

camping in Woolacombe
The day we moved out

We had a lovely day with my sister, Kerry and her boyfriend, Dan who were camping in Woolacombe in north Devon. It was so windy and cold that Sam and I chickened out of going in the sea, but Kerry and Dan were a lot braver and ventured in to try out bodyboarding. Getting Kerry out of the wetsuit required a little help on my part…

camping in Woolacombe
I made a card for a friend’s birthday and thought that while I was doing one I may as well make a few more! Here I am painting them. 
line drawing of a fish
Once there was a fishy…

watercolour greeting cards
They’re line drawings painted with watercolours, set on coloured card on a square, plain white greeting card.

bird watercolor
Seagull with a fish.

bird art
Seagull on a boat.

watercolor painting
Funny coloured mackerel!

watercolor painting
Starfish, mussels and barnacles.

bird watercolor
Seagull eating it’s favourite food1

I was so pleased with how these have come out that I’m just about to start on some more! I’ll leave you with this photo of chilly Woolacombe, not sure I like being back in this English weather!

Woolacombe beach
Woolacombe beach, North Devon

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You made me laugh with that wetsuit, yes the English weather is definetley not what I came to the UK for! However I can see how inspired you were creating the cards I like them very much! ManonX

I’m loving the seagulls! I’ve been photographing seagulls this week so I’m sure I’ll be drawing, painting or sewing a few of these soon!

I’m not sure how you managed to fit all that in to one weekend, including having time to create some watercolours for cards! Surely there must be more than one of you! 🙂
Your watercolours are lovely, whoever receives on for there birthday is getting a work of art as well as a card.
I hope you have a great week, you must have boxes to empty so I hope you get organised too 🙂

Such a nice comic:) I tried to make comics before. I was on a comic course once. Making stories myself are still do diffiucult for me so I stick up with illustrations. I really like your seagulls and fishes. Especially that seagull with frenchfries around.

Great cards, I love your paintings, sea gulls seem to be a popular bird, I’ve just done one on a beach hut. They are so iconic of the seaside.
With the ‘Great English’ weather I wouldn’t venture into the water either. 🙂


Your comic strip is great. Love the details! Also your watercolor are so vibrant and fun to look at. Love the wet suit episode…Had to laugh out loud.

Clare, I so love your comic strips Such clean lines! how on earth do you do it? Anyway, this is a really fun take on MOVING. Great job. soudns liek you broke up the move with some enjoyable side attractions at least. Love your marine cards too. Good stuff. Thank you so much for your unique contribution.

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