I have been feeling very artistically inspired recently! I had a fantastic evening last week with my friend Emma from Outlaws & Skeletons who came over to teach me how to use shrinking plastic. As a child we had used some from a kit, but had never been able to get the pieces to come out of the oven flat. However, Emma has imparted her expert knowledge and the few designs I’ve tried so far have come out as perfectly formed miniature pieces of amazingness!

art pins or brooches

shrink plastic pin/brooch

Moving on from one set of miniature things to another, I’ve also started work on a new layered watercolour painting. These little painted people are going to be cut out and arranged to form a queue – the destination of which I haven’t quite decided yet! I’ve had some wonderful suggestions on Facebook, ranging from passport control to a merry-go-round, all of which would make for a lovely fun scene.

watercolour people

watercolour people

Watch this space for more on this project!

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Your illustrations are just so lovely, I am always amazed! I enjoyed the sneak peek of these earlier in the week on FB.
I am curious how you avoid distortions in the shrink plastic, I had some a while back and it shrank a little more in one direction that the other, so a square would become a rectangle, if you see what I mean. Is it just better quality shrink plastic or do you allow for it somehow? The little pieces you have made are super cute by the way.

I remember Shrinky’s and always found the edges would curl up and then stick to the rest of it, so annoying. yours are perfect and love the images of your people

I absolutely love your work, they capture the wonder of the everyday in the same way as one of our family’s favourite writers/illustrators Shirley Hughes. Just fabulous!

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