I’ve been working all week on my scary forest illustrated map for ‘The Halloween Chill’, a book by author Judy Dixon. I’m thrilled with how it’s coming along and have just got a few details left to add before overlaying the place names.

illustrated map

Above is a party in full swing in the centre of the forest. Below are a few of the scary occupants’ dwellings, as well a spooky pub!

illustrated map

The party is bright and colourful while the forest surrounding the clearing is dark and creepy.

illustrated map

illustrated map

illustrated map

As always, the shadows are one of my favourite elements as they add depth to the painting and the difference is really noticeable.

illustrated map

I hope to have the whole map completed to show you next weekend.

When I went back to my Mum and Dad’s this weekend, I dug out a couple of books which I found really inspiring as a child. Their intricate illustrations have stayed with me and I aspire to one day contribute to a book like these!

This is my favourite, Haunted Castle, written and illustrated by Leo Hartas. It’s a ‘pick your own ending’ style of book, where you work your way through the Haunted Castle theme park, encountering all sorts of strange and spooky things as you go along.

Haunted Castle Leo Hartas

This is another one of my favourites, Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Everything. It features exquisitely detailed illustrations of the inner workings of various buildings and machines.

Stephen Biesty's Incredible Everything

Looking at them again has got me itching to start a new detailed drawing!

However, with time not on my side, I settled for doing another little doodle. I think I will include a design similar to this in my adult colouring book, if I ever get chance to finish it!

doodle art

52 Faces

Finally, the latest in my 52 faces series! Here’s Lewis Hamilton with a couple of leaves for scale.

Lewis Hamilton portrait

Lewis Hamilton portrait

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Oh wow!!! I’ve just got lost in your whole post!! (in a good way!!) I felt quite immersed in your wonderful illustration progress and your written word… its really fascinating! So very glad I came to visit!

THAT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! I could just pour over those Spooky forest pictures for hours! Can hardly wait to see how it’s progressed next week. So much detail!

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