I have something special for you this week! I was absolutely thrilled to be commissioned by an old school friend to create a paper cut to help her and her boyfriend remember their over landing trip across Europe and Asia in their Land Rover, Caesar.

paper cut artist

They had an incredible journey, filled with many memories, so I began with a list which grew as my friend remembered more and more to include.

paper cut art

The design vaguely follows the route that they took, from the UK in the top right hand corner, down to their final destination Vietnam. It turned out that most of the coastal countries they visited ended up on the bottom, so I used wave motifs as a sort of bottom border.

paper cut commission

The most difficult part for me was putting together the composition with some of the elements in negative (ie. cut out of the paper) and some in positive (like the jumper in the photo above).

In the below photo is my favourite section with the little panda. In fact, the first paper cuts I ever did were chinese designs with pandas for my Mum and Dad’s wall over 10 years ago!

china paper cut

I love doing the text – I prefer to do it in negative as it’s easier and I like the effect (like the Caesar’s Roam text above).

paper cutting art

paper cutting art

I sketched out the design first, then drew it out again neater, then scanned it in to my computer, reversed it and printed it on the blue paper ready to cut. The first section I cut was the Land Rover, because I thought it was the bit that was most likely to go wrong, and most important to get right!

paper cut

I’m so pleased with how it turned out. It was a first for me to design something like this, and it’s worked well, even if I do say so myself! I think a paper cut like this would look beautiful displayed in a box frame with fairy lights in behind to illuminate it – perhaps a next project? (After all the other projects I have in my ‘ideas’ notebook!)


I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my photos! See you all again soon 🙂

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Wowza! That is incredible, the detail is mindblowing. I’m so in awe of your mad paper cutting skills. Thanks so much for sharing this at #HandmadeMonday.

Beautifully executed paper art!
Clare, just today I read your message on my photo blog above. I tried to answer you on the address you gave as this: clarewillcocks@hotmail.co.uk.
But I get the message that this email address is incorrect.
You can contact me on the gmail address give here.

By the way, I’m perfectly okay with you doing a watercolour of my conkers photograph. Thank you for asking! Yes, that would be nice if you gave a link to my site and credited me with the photo.

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