I’m getting a little bit addicted to these papercuts. They’re so satisfying to do and I love how the bright background colour transforms them when they’re finished. The fact that they’re hearts makes them the perfect Valentine’s day craft project too!

Seeing as I can’t seem to stop doing them I’ve decided to give one away! If you’d like to win this little papercut heart, head over to my Facebook page for details on how to enter.

papercut heart

papercut heart

This is another flowery heart I cut this week. If you’d like to get your mitts on it, it’s for sale for £25 + p&p. Pop by my Facebook page and drop me a message if you’d like to buy it 🙂

papercut heart

Now, remember those fabric scraps from my Auntie that I told you about last week? Well, I had a go at crazy quilting. I was unprepared for how much brain power it takes to sew the pieces down in order! It’s like some sort of complicated mathematical equation!

Here’s how it turned out. I would have liked the outer pieces to have been shorter and fatter, but for some reason I kept needing to add longer bits to cover up the previous pieces’ edges. If anyone has any tips on how to prevent this I’d be very grateful.

crazy quilting

Nevertheless, I like how it turned out. I think it looks like sea (on the left), hills (on the right) and a fiery red sunset sky. Though that could be just my imagination!

I’m going to carry on and do a bit of embroidery over the top to give it some more interest. Then it will have pride of place on the wall!

Speaking of seaside views, Sam and I went to Clovelly yesterday. The weather was a little temperamental but a shower of rain was a good excuse for a hot chocolate in the pub!

Clovelly in winter, North Devon

Don’t they look like little, painted model houses!

The last creative thing I did this weekend was bake a cake! It’s certainly not the prettiest looking thing, but it does taste good! We’ve almost demolished the whole lot between us and the little that’s left I’m sure we’ll finish off with a cup of tea tonight!

homemade cake

I bought the sprinkles on offer after Christmas! Always looking out for a good bargain, me!

homemade cake

And on that scrummy note, that’s it for another week! Don’t forget, if you’d like to win my handmade papercut heart, head over to my Facebook page to enter my giveaway.

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I love the papercut cards. They must take you ages, and a very steady hand. Would love to know a bit more about how you do them.

Feeling a bit stupid, as last spring we nearly went to Clovelly, but got there very late in the day and realised we would have to pay to go into the village, so didn’t. Rather wish we had now.

You’ve had a busy week! I too would love to know more about how you make your cut out cards – I’m fascinated by it. Your card is really beautiful. And your cake looks very scrummy!

Really lovely quilt, does look like patchwork landscape. Oh Clovelly. Gorgeous little place. But paying? For making it down and up again on foot? Isn’t getting business from loads of tourists good enough ??!!

Thank you! Clovelly’s in North Devon, England, lovely little village on a hill running down to a harbour and pebbly beach. I’m sure it’s nice in the summer but it was lovely even when it was raining!

Ooooh yummy cake !!! The quilting is fabulous Clare. I’ve never tried it myself and so admire your creation. 😀
The papercutting soooooo rocks !!! You have the patience of a saint 😀

Clovelly is beautiful – I went there many years ago you know ? (probably before you were even born !! shhhhhh LoL)

I am off to FB now 😀

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh ! loving the papercut heart – its sooo beautiful – off now to FB to check out the giveaway !
The quilting is fantastic too not to mention your yummy looking CAKE !!!


What an exquisite card. It must have taken you ages to cut it out.

Your patchwork is lovely. Sadly I’ve never tried crazy patchwork so can’t really advise you. From my understanding of crazy patchwork anything goes which is why it’s great for using up scrap bits of fabric xx

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