I’ve been doing a bit of everything this week! It’s been lovely to have some time to work on a mandala drawing for my colouring book. I began by drawing circles with a compass and dividing them up into equal sections with a ruler. I always do an underdrawing for my pen and ink work so that the final piece is as accurate as possible.

mandala drawings

Drawing patterns for colouring is very therapeutic!

Some new pens arrived this week which is always exciting if you’re a stationery nerd like me!

cult pens

I’ve still got the outside rings of the mandala to ink and I’m toying with the idea of adding some pointillism shading, but I’m not sure if it will hinder colouring. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!

mandala drawings

I’ve also been playing around with some pen, ink and watercolour paintings for a commission. These little French people are the result!

french watercolour

As you can see, they are very tiny! They’re inspired in part by a favourite childhood book I was talking about a couple of weeks ago, Leo Hartas’ Haunted Castle, which also has teeny weeny people and creatures busy doing lots of different things.

french illustrations

There’s also some French wine and cheese, can’t forget that!

52 Faces

I’m quite pleased with my little portrait for this week, but it is a little bit squished! Keira Knightley was my subject this time.

miniature portrait of Keira Knightley

She’s painted in watercolour and I’ve added a little definition with Faber Castell Polychromos.

miniature portrait Keira Knightley

miniature portrait Keira Knightley

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I am loving the mandala, I think some pointillism shading would work fine. I’ve got quite a few of these adult colouring books and pages and there are some quite detailed shading to colour over and it works well. Love your little French people – tres chic

Thanks Victoria. I’ve taken your advice and added some pointillism shading which has given it some more depth, so thank you!

Love the Mandala image. x
I’ve been tempted to purchase an adult colouring book, but I have such little spare time I’m honestly not sure if I could managed to have a guilt free moment to enjoy them…

threadsnshreds! I hope you have succumbed to your desire to colour! It’s such an easy hobby to pick up and put down and just do a bit of if you have five minutes. Very meditative too. 🙂

Love the TEENY-PEOPLE! And, brilliant touch BTW with their “Shadows”!! – [yes, I noticed!] 😀
As well as that Fab Nail Polish colour you’re rockin’!

With a lot of time and patience! I work very slowly and draw out the design in pencil first so I’ve got a base to work from.

Thanks Karen. I find it really difficult to draw big! I’m always tempted to put in too much detail and end up running out of steam.

I love the little people, that market stall is just perfect. funny seeing your mandala had a colouring sheet with my last issue of Daphne’s Diary and noticed some books in garden centres etc.

Ah that’s good to know. I’m worried that by the time I’ve finished my book, nobody will be colouring any more!

It’s the best feeling Jan! But then I don’t want to use them, so end up just leaving them in the box for a few weeks while I run out all my old pens!

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