Pinterest is one of my favourite ways to find new inspiration. When ‘artist’s block’ strikes and you want to create something but don’t know what, just a little browse through Pinterest will have you bursting with ideas and suddenly not enough time to try everything you want. I often look for craft inspiration, but it’s also a great place to get painting and drawing ideas and tips.

I found the artist Andrea Joseph who draws incredible illustrations using just the humble ballpoint pen. Her Flickr page is a feast for the eyes, keep scrolling down to see examples of her biro work. I’ve done biro sketches before but seeing her work motivated me to pick up a trusty Bic again and get drawing.

Andrea incorporates little snippets of writing into her drawings, sometimes including tips for artists. One suggested trying to sketch yourself drawing in an imaginary room. This is what I came up with.

Biro pen drawing

The sofa and me are the only ‘things’ which are real, the rest is from my imagination. (Not particularly imaginative, as you can see!)

I keep noticing (on Pinterest, where else!?) drawings on coloured paper which I’ve been meaning to try myself. It seems to give the picture more depth and warmth than if it were done on a plain white background.

This is the chest of drawers in our bedroom. As it’s getting pretty chilly here now, every potential indoor hanging space has to be utilised! I didn’t finish it, but I quite like the unfinished look.

ballpoint pen drawing

On to a drawing I did finish. Last weekend we went to Bude in north Cornwall. It was freezing cold and overcast but I managed to brave it for an hour or so to do this sketch of this…winch thing…while Sam was surfing.

biro drawing

While I was drawing a man came to touch up the paint on his boat which I was sitting right next to. We got chatting and it turns out he’s an artist and has a gallery in Bude! I checked out his website when I got home and he does lovely watercolour paintings of the coast and surf.

Bude, Cornwall

Bude, Cornwall

I’ve got a few unfinished projects on the go, which will probably remain in a state of half-doneness for a while because…drumroll please…we’re moving house to North Devon next week! Bring on some more lovely scenery to draw and paint!

In other news, I have a shiny new cover picture for my Facebook page!

 Facebook cover photo

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Great biro drawings and I love the winch sketch 🙂 It’s funny how we must have an artist magnet eh ? !! I bet he hasn’t got anything as good as you wonderful funny Seagulls though 😀

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

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