Sam had a brainwave recently and suggested I start doing a series of ‘six second sketches’ using the Vine mobile phone app which records six second videos.

Well, I tried numerous times to draw something (anything!) in six seconds and didn’t get very far at all! So I decided that instead of doing the whole sketch in six seconds, I would make time lapse videos instead. I’ve set up a Twitter page @sixsecondsketch to share my videos and those of other artists/doodlers who’d like to get involved. Please do pop by and say hi if you’re on Twitter! If you’d like me to share your little sketches and sketching videos too, just tag them with the hashtag #SixSecondSketch.

Here are the few which I’ve done this week.

The portraits of Daniel Radcliffe and Eddie Murphy were the last pencil sketches I did and I had in mind that I’d do one every day. I hadn’t really thought about how long they would take though, so I think I’ll just have to do them when I’ve got time.

Speaking of small works of art, I’ve just come across the fantastic miniature watercolour paintings of Lorraine Loot, a South African artist. She’s working on a project called Postcards for Ants, a sequel to her 2013 series Paintings for Ants, both of which consist of a tiny painting for every day of the year. Do go and have a look, I guarantee you’ll be in awe of her amazing talent!

As well as this new Six Second Sketch venture, I’ve also been working on some festive paper cut templates (I daren’t mention the c-word yet!). Once I’ve cut them all out and taken photos, they’ll be available in my Etsy Shop, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested.

Apart from that, this doodle is still bumbling along slowly!

Thank you to those of you who commented on my Blogland Tour post, it was lovely to read your comments and I’m really happy to have discovered some new blogs!

Finally, I’d just like to urge you all to go and visit Manon at Lottie Designs & Illustrations. She’s made this wonderful doll version of me after I sent her a photo! I can’t wait to buy my own copy to download and assemble! I even come complete with a craft knife ready for paper cutting!

I’m sharing this post on the following blogs:  Handmade Harbour, Manon Popje’s Illustrations and Tatertots and Jello.


Your sketches are so amazing! Loving the 6 second idea! Will follow on Twitter. Really love your doodle, the ideas you have for each little character are just amazing! It’s something you could look at for ages and still not see everything. Maybe you could hide a little character in every piece you draw, for people to find? ( my youngest spends ages looking for the little duck in the usborne book stories, more than being interested in the story!

OMGoodness Clare – these are amazing !!! Such fantastic sketches 🙂
The Doll of you is just AWESOME – how lucky you got that 🙂
IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wow Clare I am really impressed! It reminds me of myself a few years ago sketching some person, I fail to remember who, but it was all in front of the camera. The sketch was no where near as good as your fab sketches! Keep it up you will love the challenge.
Then I scroll down and see the doll… haha …nearly had a heart attack. I loved working on her every minute and I am so pleased you like her. I have learned lots from setting myself challenges including this one. So thank you for posting her or rather you.
I will do the blog hop thing today I promise 🙂

Ah, Manon, I didn’t want to rush you! I hope you enjoyed writing it, I certainly enjoyed reading it! Glad you like the videos, it would be great to see the one of you sketching if you still have it somewhere. I’m sure it was better than you remember!

I’m afraid I’ve lapsed already, I haven’t done any mini portraits since Friday…weekends and work get in the way 🙁 x

I wish I could draw! Your talent always leaves me impressed (and a teeny weeny bit green-eyed!). I’m going to show my children your post as they’ll love the time-lapse drawings xx

Having just had a little peak around your blog I have fallen for it already, it seems my mum was right when she said you are an incredible artist! It’s incredible to see you draw with such ease and accuracy, I could happily watch it for hours and daydream! I especially loved the cow and dobby! Fae xo

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